Paper Napkin Fir Tree

How wonderful it is when on New Year's Eve work rooms and home interiors are decorated, because then a fantastic atmosphere begins to reign around! And it's even better when the festive decor is created with your own hands, and it can be an ideal gift for close relatives, and for colleagues and friends. Today we will make the simplest cone spruce of a miniature size that does not require an acquisition any expensive or exclusive materials, but the result is very worthy. You can make such a spruce and as an article in a kindergarten or school, in general - this is a universal New Year's decor for all occasions. So let's start making it sooner. We need: - Whatman size A3. - A pack of paper napkins of a dark green color. - Glue PVA. - Mishura 20 cm. br>- New Year's small beads. First of all, we need to make a base - a cone of whatman paper. To do this, twist the material at an angle and fix it with glue.The extra drawing paper at the bottom of the need to cut - so you align the base.
 paper napkin herringbone
Next, cut each napkin into 4 pieces.
 Christmas tree made of paper napkins
 paper napkin herringbone
Then each of these parts, add another 4 layers. After this, we fasten every detail with a stapler in the middle.
 Christmas tree made from paper napkins
 Christmas tree made from paper napkins
 paper napkin herringbone
Give the details a round shape By cutting off the edges according to a predetermined shape. After that, we receive the item, consisting of four round elements made of normal tissues. If kruglyashi not too smooth - do not worry. We will subsequently straighten them, so that all the irregularities will be very appropriate.

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