Paper pencil stand

You can organize your workplace with the help of various devices. For lovers of needlework it will be interesting to create them with your own hands. For example, the step-by-step making of the pencil holder is shown in this master class.
 Support for pencils made of paper
For work, you need to take: - a square sheet of paper (we have 21x21 cm); - rhinestones for decoration (or other decorative elements); - glue.
Stand under pencils from paper
Fold up the bottom edge of the blank.
The top edge is required to bend down.
Support for paper pencils
The sides need to bend towards the center.
 Support for paper pencils
It remains to enter the left edge of the workpiece in the right.
So we got one of the six modules of our future stand.
 Stand for pencils made of paper
Wanted to make 5 more such blanks.  Paper pencil holder
Each such billet will be a separate element in our stand.We begin to glue them together. We apply glue to one side of one module.
 Support for paper pencils
Connect it with another module.
 Support for pencils made of paper
This is how our hand-made article looks at this stage, if you look at it from above.
 Stand under the pencils made of paper
We connect all 6 modules.  Support for paper pencils It remains to decorate our product at will. We do this with the help of colored rhinestones.Our stand under the pencils is ready.
 Support for paper pencils
 Support for paper pencils

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