Pearl Patterned Mittens

We knit mittens with a pearl pattern, decorated with knitted flowers. Mittens are dense and slightly voluminous, and also very warm.   Pearl pattern - very simple to knit and is suitable for knitting almost any product. The master class is great for beginners.

Materials and tools:

  1. 1.5 skein Nord Vita 48% wool, 52% acrylic, 100gr / 116m, color 4763
  2. stocking needles number 4;
  3. for flowers, 2 wooden buttons, hook No. 4.

Pattern Description

Pattern «gum»:alternately 2 facial, 2 purl.

Pearl Pattern:the number of loops is a multiple of 2

1 row: knit alternating 1 person, 1 w;

2 row: knit alternating 1 w, 1 persons, i.e. over the front of the previous row, knit the purl loop, on the back of the previous row - the front loop;

3 and all the following rows: repeat 1-2 rows.


Knitting description

Knit the left mitten:

We put 36 loops on the stocking pins number 4, distribute them to 4 spokes (9 loops each) and close knitting in a circle.Knit pattern "gum" 10 cm. We continue to knit pearl pattern.

Hole for large:

At a height of 5 cm from the cuff form a hole for the thumb. The hole of the thumb for the left mitten is formed on the 4th needle: we knit 2 loops, remove 5 loops on a pin (or on a contrasting color thread), we sew 5 loops on the knitting needle and knit the remaining 2 loops on the spoke according to the drawing. Next, we knit in circular rows continuing the pattern to the required length of the mitten.

The hole for the fingers of the mittens:

When the little finger of the hand is closed we start knitting the toe of the mitten. To do this, we reduce the loops: in the beginning of the 1st spoke there is a loop of persons. tilted to the left, 2 following knit together faces. tilted to the left, the remaining loops knit to the end, according to the figure. On the 2nd spoke (at the end) - we knit all the loops on the spoke, when the last 3 loops remain, 2 of them we knit together the persons, the last loop is knitting the faces. On the 3rd spoke - we knit, as on the first. On the 4th spoke - we knit, as on the second. Remove loops until 2 needles are left on all the needles. The last 8 loops are tightened with a working thread and fastened to the wrong side.

Knit the right mitten:

We knit the right mitten symmetrically, i.e.we form a hole for the thumb on the 3rd needle: we knit 2 loops, remove 5 loops with a pin (or with a thread of a contrasting color), type 5 loops on the needle and knit the remaining 2 loops on the needle according to the pattern.

We knit a thumb:

We remove the 5 loops we removed on the knitting needle, we collect 5 loops on a parallel row and 3 loops each - on the side rows. We distribute 16 loops into 4 knitting needles (4 loops on the knitting needle), knit them with face, circular rows. Having not tied the end of the finger to 0.5 cm, we begin to make the loops smaller. On each spoke we knit the first two loops together with the front one, we repeat in each row until there are 2 loops left on the needles. The last eight loops are tightened by working thread and fasten it to the wrong side.

Turn up the cuff, knit two flowers and sew them to the mittens, decorating with a wooden button. All pearl-patterned mittens are ready.

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