Perfect makeup on the beach and in the pool: 6 simple tips

To look like a real queen, not a panda with dripping mascara.

We are all obsessed with looking perfect under any circumstances. That is why, before going to the beach or just going with the girlfriends to the pool, we carefully think over our image. It all starts with a swimsuit, which will demonstrate the cubes of the press, and ends with makeup, which should emphasize the natural beauty. We have compiled a complete guide on how to make up, going to the beach or the pool.

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Use sunscreen

Before makeup, apply a generous layer of sunscreen with a high protection factor on your face. Give it about 20 minutes so that it is completely absorbed. Do not forget to update the SPF every three hours while in the sun, so we advise you to use loose mineral powder with a degree of protection of 30 or 50, besides, it will not damage makeup.

Avoid dense textures

In hot weather, all the means in which there is oil, immediately begin to melt on the face. �If you can�t imagine yourself without tonal means, choose light and almost transparent tonal means. To make the tone of the face beautiful and radiant, you can mix the foundation with the highlighter, �advises Mila Klimenko, the official makeup artist for L�Oreal Paris in Russia.

Natural makeup can be done using just one tool - lipstick. Mila advises to put it on the lips, cheeks as a blush and a little lipstick to shade in the outer corner of the eye

Do not forget about the bronzer

The makeup you do should improve your complexion and make you the star of the beach or pool. So where are we without chiseled cheekbones? �Bronzer is an accessory that should always be in make-up, the same goes for the highlighter. Apply a bronzer to your cheekbones to create a light texture and additionally create the effect of a perfect tan, �says Mila Klimenko.

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Arm yourself with waterproof tools

Do not let water and sand ruin your makeup, that is why it is best to use those tools that will be able to provide maximum protection and not worry about leaked carcass or escaped arrows.

Add light

�Put a highlighter on the protruding zones: cheekbones, nose, and also on the area above the lip. Makeup will look natural, �says Mila Klimenko. In combination with the bronzer, the highlighter will look even more advantageous.

Avoid lip gloss

Glossy formulas always melt in the sun and blur. That is why it is best to use lipstick, and even gloss. Choose bright shades, for example, cherry-red or bright fuction, which always look beautiful with tan.

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