Pete Brownie

The soul lives in each house, and, as is known, the soul of each house is guarded by small housekeepers, not visible to the eye, but noticeable in business. Let's make a security certificate of your home together. To make such a charming baby you will need: • cloth on the body, preferably cream or milky, better than linen; • cloth on the pants, preferably monotonous;• flax for a shirt, in harmony with the color of the trousers; • satin ribbon of any color or just cloth on the bast shoes; • buttons for the eyes; • • satin ribbon or floss for cilia; • sintepon for filling the pupa; • • tools for sewing.
Any tailoring begins with cutting. Transfer the doll patterns to cardboard and cut them out.
sewing starts with cutting
Now, place them on the fabric strictly along the dividing line (otherwise the finished product will mow the seams and have an ugly look) circle around the contour. After this, be sure to fix the parts with safety pins so that the stitching does not move during sewing.

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