Phone case

A phone case is a very necessary thing. It simultaneously protects the phone from damage, and is an ornament. And an unusual case made by hand will also emphasize the individuality of its owner. For example, you can make a cover of felt or fleece.
 Phone Case
For work you will need: fleece or black felt, orange, yellow, red felt green and gray colors, threads and beads of golden color, scissors, metal decoration in the form of a small bicycle, a needle, a button.
 for sewing a cover
The order of work impose on fl with or felt black phone and cut around it, leaving allowances on the edge of half a centimeter. This will be part number 1.
 measure by phone
Put a phone on a black fleece or felt and circle it, leaving half a centimeter on the edge and drawing an additional valve.This will be part number 2.
Carefully cut both parts.
 cut out
Cut out a small landscape from pieces of colored felt. From the blue - the house wall, from the red - the roof, from the yellow - the window, from the orange - the tree trunk, from the green tree crown, and from the gray - the area in front of the house.
 we cut the application

Small stitches to sew all the color details of the landscape to the detail of black felt No. 1. Sew a metal decoration “bicycle” near the house.

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