Phyto LED lamp


Manufacturing a LED luminaire for plants

To begin with, mark out the profile for drilling holes for mounting the LEDs. We drill 2 mm with a drill, first 2 holes for one LED, try to fasten it in place and, if everything fits well, we drill the others. Next, we smear the substrate of the LED with a heat-conducting paste with a thin layer, with the expectation that when attaching the LED with bolts, not a lot of paste would come out under the substrate of the LED. It is necessary that there is no air left under the LED, and there is good heat transfer. The better the cooling of the LED, the longer it will work. Phyto lamp assembly.
Phyto LED lamp
We fix the second LED so that its minus is opposite the plus of the first. And so everyone else. Soldering driver. When all the LEDs are fixed, you need to solder them sequentially, minus one to the plus of the other, and so on.The soldered chain is soldered to the driver placed in the box and attached to the profile on the reverse side of the LEDs. The driver has the designation + and - plus usually red or pink wire. Plus chains of LEDs to the driver plus and minus, respectively, to the minus. On the other side of the driver, power is connected. It is better to buy a driver with a power supply of 220 volts. If you have one, then we solder the wire with a plug and everything is ready.

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