Pictures from artificial flowers

Artificial flowers will never replace live ones and this is an indisputable truth. But after all, freshly cut buds are pleasing to the eye for only a few days, therefore, to create jewelry for the interior, the craftswomen use fake substitutes. Now artificial flowers are made from better materials, and their shape is so perfect that it resembles a real representative of flora. Therefore, to create paintings you can and should use plastic material. For work we need the following components: - a sheet of thick cardboard; - a cylinder with white paint; - wooden or polyurethane plinth; - universal glue or liquid nails; - decorative mesh and artificial thread; - different types of plastic and fabric flowers. First you need to prepare the basics for paintings. Rectangles of a certain size are cut out of thick cardboard. Plinths that form a picture frame are selected for their area.They can be fastened with carnations, and preferably with universal strong glue. Then the bases are covered with paint, it is convenient to use cans. This paint is more uniformly applied and dries quickly. Then the florist's imagination turns on. You can first glue long and large buds. In the photo is an orchid. Then empty space is filled with smaller flowers and berries. Roses, cornflowers, chamomiles, lilies of the valley, bells and others look good. As a decorative addition, a netting for bouquets, colored threads, butterflies and other tinsel are used. Here are such wonderful pictures! In a pink gamut. In purple color. Lighter shade. A lighter shade.
 Paintings from artificial flowers
 Pictures of artificial flowers
Paintings from artificial flowers
 Pictures from artificial flowers
 Pictures from artificial flowers
 Pictures from artificial flowers Beautiful, gentle, original. And most importantly - durable!

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