Pocket winter fishing pole

Greetings to all ice-fishing enthusiasts who are ready, even in the most severe frosts, to leave their household chores and go to the pond to catch a pair of perches. Today I want to offer to make a pocket fishing pole for ice fishing. This tackle will always be at your fingertips, it will not take up much space and is easy to manufacture. I propose to find the necessary material and independently make a “miracle fishing rod” for winter fishing. To make a winter fishing rod from a medical syringe, you will need the following: • scissors; • • a screwdriver; • • a clerical knife; • medical syringe; • plastic bottle; • bolt and screw; • cambriches (white and red); • suitable parts from the designer of lego.
The process of manufacturing a self-made pocket fishing rod for ice fishing fish: 1. It is necessary to remove the plunger from the medical syringe and use a clerical knife to make a groove that will serve as a reel on which the fishing line is wound. 2.We put the piston back and make a hole in the syringe at the level of the groove so that it would be convenient to pass through the forest with a hot nail.  remove the plunger from the medical syringe

3. We take the plastic part from the designer Lego, as shown in the photo and cut off the excess part. Then screw the screw and bolt and get a handle to rotate the piston, with which we will wind and lower the line. You can include the imagination and make a handle of another material, for example, from copper wire.  cut off the extra part
4. Starting the next step, we also take the appropriate parts from the constructor, which will serve as the top of the fishing rod, in turn, attach the poklevok signaling device. Using the second glue, fasten the tip to the medical syringe and wait for full gluing.
 attach the poklevok alarm
5. Now let's make a bite warning device from a plastic bottle.To do this, use a scissors to cut a thin plastic strip and make blanks of fasteners from cambric. The red cambric is used to attach the signaling device to the top and the white cambric, through which the forests will be passed.  bite alarm
burglar alarm
 Pocket winter fishing rod
6. It remains only to wind the fishing line on the piston, to pass it through the hole in the body of the syringe and the working cambric on the bite warning device. We tie a hook or winter jig and homemade tackle is ready for use.
Pocket winter fishing pole
 Pocket winter fishing rod
We are waiting for the onset of the winter season and cold weather, and when the ponds will be covered with solid ice , going fishing. We take a handy and neat fishing rod in our hand, we put it on the hook of the bloodworm, and after a while striped perch are waving in the snow.This is how you can do yourself a wonderful winter fishing pole, which will bring many happy fishing moments of life. I wish you all good luck and great catches! Do not be lazy and make fishing lures and tackle yourself!

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