Polymer clay bunnies

More often, modern girls, instead of expensive and frilly jewelery made of precious metals, prefer to wear jewelery from such seemingly unattractive material as polymer clay. What is the secret of plastics? In fact, everything is very simple this material is easy to handle, there is a huge amount of shades of this material, and the main thing is that wearing this jewelry, the girl will always look original and unique. Today we will try to make earrings-bunnies . For this we need: 1. Sonnet polymer clay is blue (you can use any plastic you have, but personally I like this particular company); 1. Sonnet polymer clay of white color; 2. Sonnet polymer clay purple; 3. Office knife; 4. Acrylic paints are white, black and yellow; 5. A sketch of future earrings; 6. Accessories for earrings.
 for earrings is required
Now you can start creating.To begin with, we cut off a piece of blue plastic (this will be our base for earrings) and we put it in our hands for a long time until it becomes soft and pliable.
cut off a piece of blue plastic
Then the plastic should be rolled into a not very thick layer. To roll polymer clay, you can use a special silicone roller, or you can use improvised means (I personally use a bottle of hairspray). On the quality of the product it does not affect, and novice craftsmen help to save a penny.  need to roll out
Now to the resulting pancake we fix the hare stock we have (you can make it yourself or use the blank below) and carefully cut it with a clerical knife.
we fix the preparation of the hare
 blank Then we remove the blank and see that no matter how hard we try, our hare looks more like an incomprehensible blot with jagged edges. So neatly smooth the edges of the base and give it a final shape.
smooth the edges of the base
After that, take white clay, mash it in your hands and roll up two small identical balls - these are the eyes of our hare.
take white clay
Next you need to attach the balls to the place where the bunny will have eyes and lightly press them.
 with balls come to life
 a bunny will have eyes
Take some black clay, roll up very small balls and make pupils hare.
a little black clay eye
And finally, do not forget to attach the hare to your nose. The same actions must be carried out with the second earring. The product is almost ready. It remains to bake it and paint it. Put the catkins in the oven for 30 minutes at a temperature of 130 degrees (the temperature and time of roasting can be adjusted depending on the type of plastic, but usually the rules of roasting are indicated on the packaging of polymer clay).If you want everything to work out for you, do not try to bake the clay in a microwave oven. After half an hour, take out the earrings and wait until they cool down. At the same time, be careful, until the clay has cooled, it can easily be deformed. Cooled earrings must be painted. To do this, take a thin brush and draw flowers. First we draw flowers with white paint. Then we make the yellow center, and at the end we draw a black outline around the flower. Let the paints dry.
 Polymer clay sergekits
We attach earrings to hare. Well, that's all, earrings are ready. Wear it with pleasure!
 polymer clay pins

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