Popular foods that contain vitamin D

For the normal development of the body, the proper formation of organs and vital systems, it is necessary to obtain a sufficient amount of vitamins and trace elements. One of these important substances is vitamin D. Some scientists even equate it with hormones, because it has significant differences from other elements. In the first place - resistance to destruction under the influence of high temperatures, and secondly - the insolubility in water.

This component is produced by the body, and can also come from exposure to sunlight, contributing to its synthesis. But sometimes its quantity is not enough, then, under the clear guidance of a doctor, special preparations are prescribed and recommendations are given on the use of the products in which it is contained.

An indispensable element for the whole body.

The role of vitamin D is difficult to overestimate. It helps to absorb calcium, which directly affects the formation and health of teeth, strength and correctness of development of bones of the skeleton.This component is especially important for young children and women during pregnancy and lactation.

In addition, thanks to this element, the human body is able to properly absorb magnesium. A sufficient amount of vitamin can prevent various diseases of the hematopoietic system, dermatological and oncological diseases. Coupled with vitamin C, D helps to fight colds.

The lack of this element leads to serious disorders of the digestive system, rapid fatigue, reduced protective forces of the body, disturbances in the coordination and functioning of the nervous system. For young children, under-education threatens with rickets.

Foods Rich

In order for the body to receive the required daily dose, it is worth regularly to include in your diet food, which contains the D-component:

  1. Fish fat. Just one tablespoon of this suspension makes it possible to satisfy a 3-day need.
  2. Salmon. This tasty fish contains D-element in large quantities and is able to cover its need immediately for a day if you eat a serving of 200-300 g. Tuna, sardine and catfish are rich in this ingredient.
  3. Dairy. It's not for nothing that milk is recommended for drinking since childhood, because in the glass of this delicious drink is covered ¼ daytime norm of an important element. But it is worth considering that pasteurized and skimmed will not bring the necessary benefits, only whole milk. You can also find a useful substance in butter, but cheeses can not boast of this. For example, ricotta has a cherished vitamin in its composition, but to make it more useful, you will have to eat 2 kg of cheese.
  4. Eggs. The yolk is recommended for introduction into the diet for children starting from 8-9 months of age, because thanks to its composition, a person receives a lot of necessary substances. Two eggs will be a great and healthy breakfast.
  5. Beef liver. A 100 gram serving will give 10% of the daily norm, and besides, this by-product is an excellent source of iron.
  6. Pork. The content of vitamin D here depends on the storage conditions and method of preparation. In general, pork can provide a seventh part of the daily rate, but, for example, in the ham of a useful element you will not find at all.
  7. Delicacies. Popular natural red caviar also contains nutrients, in particular, the D-component, but its amount in a teaspoon is only 9%.There is also good news for seafood lovers - oysters are a storehouse of useful substances, 6 things will help to get 60-80% of the daily norm of cholecalciferol. Only now pay for them will have to be quite expensive.

But it is not necessary to lean heavily on such products, because everything should be in moderation. Surplus, as well as a shortage, is also poorly tolerated by the body, so dispense sun exposure and eating foods rich in vitamin D.

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