Pot, boil! What kind of multicooker choose for home

Multivarki firmly occupied a place of honor in the kitchen and in the hearts of housewives. And all because, thanks to this miracle machine, you can cook a variety of culinary masterpieces without spending all day in the kitchen. We tell how to choose the ideal assistant and which multicooker models you should pay attention to.

Today it is difficult to imagine a kitchen without a slow cooker, because this gadget saves a woman's time significantly, allowing you not to stand at the stove while waiting for dinner, but to quietly go about your business. Manufacturers of multivarcs represent to the court of a spoiled consumer more and more modernized models, by design more reminiscent of cosmic objects, rather than household appliances. We understand this variety and find out which model is worth a closer look.

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Please note that the external and technical data of the multicooker should be a harmonious combination of designer trends and high technologies.In this case, high-quality models do not have to be impressive in size and have impressive power - it can be a compact model that is quite suitable for one or two people.

When choosing a model, check what the bowl is made of, whether it has removable handles and whether it is easy to remove it, how many built-in cooking programs are provided, whether there is a delayed start, a timer and a function to maintain heat up to 24 hours, is it suitable for a compact kitchen? simple control, is there a “multi-pair” function, is the cover removed and is there any protection against children.

Choose a model for the parameters that are right for you. Suppose if it is important for you to have fresh yoghurt for breakfast, then look at the models that come with a yoghurt container. Or, say, if you find it difficult to disassemble a small print, then choose multicookers, where there is a wide display and everything is displayed in large letters.

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