Pros and cons of anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen

Every person, man and woman, dreams of a slender, smart figure. The human body, like plasticine, in skillful hands can acquire truly perfect forms. As a rule, these hands are equipped with a fitness center, proper nutrition, lack of stress and good ecology. But not every person has all these tools.

And now, there comes a time when the flaws of the figure are already visible to the naked eye. And the most unpleasant of all drawbacks is cellulite. In addition, that it looks extremely unaesthetic, it carries a certain amount of physiological troubles. For women, the presence of cellulite - one of the most "tragic" acquisitions in life. But there are ways to combat this.

And these are not expensive medical interventions, and not classified technologies. This massage. But it should be done correctly, taking into account all the nuances. And then a positive result will not take long.So, do anti-cellulite massage with your own hands.

The nature of the "orange peel"

At the beginning of the path to the formation of a beautiful body should be clearly understood the nature of a phenomenon such as cellulite. Correctly call it - lipodystrophy. Recently, most doctors came to the conclusion that this is not a disease, but a natural change in the fat tissue of the human body. Some doctors believe cellulite is a secondary sexual symptom inherent in women and manifested after puberty. And, nevertheless, lipodystrophy, quite often clearly expressed in men.

The essence of these changes can be understood from the name - "lipo" - fat, "dystrophy" - embarrassment. Disruption of fat metabolism and impaired blood circulation leads to the transformation of specific cells that are assembled into "fatty slices." But now they later begin to gather in a kind of nodules. They replace normal tissue with fibrous tissue, a kind of scars appear - and here it is, our “hero” - cellulite. The main places of its localization - the back of the thighs, arms and, of course, the stomach.

How to defeat cellulite on your own stomach?

Oh, how I want to have a flat, taut belly! - many women will exclaim, looking at their imperfect body. And most importantly, it is feasible! Just need to know how to do anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen. There are many methods of such a massage. They can be, and complex, and simple, but it is important that they can be used at home. It is only necessary to consider a few mandatory rules.

  • First, massage can be done only for a while before meals or 2 hours after.
  • Secondly, you need to clearly understand what processes occur in the skin tissues during the massage. And that's what happens there. Edema of the tissues decreases, the blood flow increases - both arterial and venous, which means that oxygen supply increases, followed by oxidation and splitting of fatty products.

It is also necessary to understand exactly what movements are performed anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen. These movements should be quite intense and deep. The direction should be strictly in the direction of the large intestine. And here it is useful to remember the anatomy or look into the relevant literature.Simplified, the scheme of movements is laid clockwise, or from the right hypochondrium down and to the left, around the navel.

The massage is performed lying down, with legs bent at the knees, with the most relaxed abdominal muscles. You need to start with strokes and light rubbing. As soon as you feel that the temperature of the abdominal skin has increased, you can slowly move to the “rubbing” of fatty tissues.

These movements resemble tweaks or the way you would salted a soup, a large handful of salt. Grab the skin fold and, squeezing, touch it with your fingers so that you feel all the “bumps” and “bulges” of the subcutaneous tissues. For some time, increase the force of these squeezes, but do not go too far. Do not bring to unbearable pain in the sensations.

Be careful, there may be minor hemorrhages, which categorically can not be allowed.

The anti-cellulite massage technique is aimed at a kind of "squeezing" the excess fat from the tissues. You can “grind” each skin fold separately, holding it entirely in your hand, and turning it over with your fingers.

Whatever the intensity of your movements, the massage should always end in soothing, stroking movements.The time allotted for massage should not exceed 20 minutes, otherwise, there is a high probability of muscle overstrain, microtrauma of blood vessels, and it is not very useful to “overheat” only one, separately taken area of ​​the body.

How should I complete the procedure?

Anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen, among other things, is aimed at losing weight. The most correct would be to take a contrast shower immediately after the massage. In this case, it is necessary to use the directed force of water from the shower head, and massage the hips, calves, hands.

The abdomen needs to be “calmed down” with non-hot water, in circular motions, clockwise. It would be nice to use at the same time any essential oil, adding 2-3 drops of it to the shower gel. Perfect for this oil of orange, rosemary or cinnamon. In such an integrated approach, there is much more benefit than in just “dry” massage.

Limitations to

The skin on the abdomen is rather thin, tender. But, most importantly, in this area there is no rigid support. If, for example, the back is the spine, the legs are the thigh bones, and the buttock area does not need support at all, then the abdominal wall is absolutely free.But here are almost all the important organs of the human body - the liver, spleen, intestines and others.

One should be very watchful in carrying out anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen. With any diseases of internal organs to conduct it is strictly prohibited.

Of course, there are direct contraindications to such a massage.

  1. Discomfort, excessive flatulence, or pain are a kind of "stop" for any manipulation.
  2. You should also not do massage if the skin of the abdomen is injured or irritated, there are rashes or skin diseases on it.
  3. Elevated blood pressure or temperature also does not apply to the massage.
  4. It would be nice to visit a cardiologist and know for sure that you have no problems with the cardiovascular system and the work of the heart muscle.
  5. Well, the fact that pregnancy is one of the main contraindications is probably not worth reminding.

The result of anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen will completely depend on the initial state of the body. Therefore, objectively evaluate your health and know about the presence of internal diseases.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like every procedure, anti-cellulite massage has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include the fact that as a result of the procedure you will get a positive effect in the form of getting rid of the "orange peel". As a result of the massage metabolism will increase, and, consequently, the procedure will contribute to weight loss. It is important to note also the improvement of the skin condition, which will become elastic and tightened.

As for the shortcomings, there are not so many of them, namely:

  • discomfort during the procedure;
  • the need to maintain the effect (you need to take a full course 1-2 times a year, as well as once every two weeks to do preventive massage).

By what method you will do anti-cellulite massage of the abdomen, it does not really matter. The main thing is to observe all the necessary conditions for its conduct. And, of course, no one cancels proper nutrition, the absence of bad habits and sports. After all, to overcome cellulite is much easier, using a set of measures. And your belly will be envied by any athletes and models.

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