Religious bedding scenes, where the actors were replaced by doubles

Instead of eminent actors in all these famous films were shot doubles. The reasons for the substitution are different. Some of the stars go to bed in front of the cameras were not allowed by natural modesty, some were flawed by figures, and some were religious beliefs.

Sergey Romanovich in the TV series “Olga”

So. Let's start with an unexpected substitution. Recently a new season of the series “Olga” was released on TNT. The role of Andrei (son-in-law of the main character) is played there by a young actor Sergei Romanovich. In the frame he has to do different things: on the table, on the bed, and so on. Well, you understand. What a surprise fans were when Sergei admitted: religious beliefs do not allow him to act in bed scenes, and he was not filmed there. A few years ago, the guy converted to Islam. What can I say, even the sausages that Andrei eats in the frame, for the actor, bought special, halal ones. And you say - naked women and sex. This is not allowed at all!

Heroes of the series are constantly caught during the spicy moments
Photo: a frame from the series

Jamie Dornan in the movie "50 shades of gray"

Moving on to the movie "50 shades of gray." Here erotica is so erotica, there are more bed scenes than anything else. The main roles in the film were played by Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. At the same time, Dakota admitted in numerous interviews that she approached work very responsibly: she went on a diet and went to the gym. And all just to look good on the screen during bed scenes. But Jamie ... At first, the directors assured that he, too, does everything himself, but then the information leaked to the press that the actor had a doubler in the sex scenes. Jamie passed, by the way, Dakota.

Photo: a frame from the movie "50 shades of gray"

Scenes from "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Fight Club" and "Death to her face"

Let's go further, but let's make a reservation right away: in order not to shock you with an abundance of “bases” in the frame, we decided to run only on the most popular films and expose only the most famous modest actors. Ready? Remember the movie “Death to her face” with Isabella Rossellini? So: instead of Isabella, Katherine Bell plays in it.

Go to the "Pirates of the Caribbean." More precisely, to their fourth part. During the shooting of the actress Penelope Cruz was pregnant and for obvious reasons could not and did not want to appear in explicit scenes. The film crew found the solution quickly: the younger sister Monica Cruz came to the aid of Penelope, who played in all the general plans and in the nudity.

"Fight Club" - another cult film, decided on a small deception of the viewer. If you also watched erotic scenes in this film many times, then we hasten to disappoint: Helena Bonham Carter was not in the frame. Instead, she worked understudy. By the way, later made a good career on this.

"Death to her"
Photo: frame from the film
"Pirates of the Caribbean"
Photo: frame from the film
"Fight club"
Photo: frame from the film

Emilia Clark in the Game of Thrones saga

Take heart, we continue! Saga "Game of Thrones". The mere magical name of this series makes us remember everything ... And now - the shocking news. Emilia Clark in the first series did not undress. All naughty scenes for it worked out Rosie Mack, a Spaniard by birth. We do not know what happened afterwards, but for the final scenes, Clark decided to work by herself. Apparently, not only female fans dream to be in the same bed with John Snow.

Photo: shot from the series "Game of Thrones"

Brooke Shields from the Blue Lagoon movie

Brooke Shields and the Blue Lagoon film. Yes, yes, the same frame with a swim in the sea. Remember? So, in the frame is not a teenage girl, but an experienced understudy. First, she was an adult, and, secondly, more skater with clearly not teenage forms.

"Blue Lagoon"
Photo: Getty Images


But that's not all. Catherine Zeta-Jones did not actually undress in the movie “Traffic”, and Mila Kunis, in her, perhaps the most outspoken role in the movie “Friendship Sex,” independently “flashed” in the frame with only one part of her body - she showed a piece of her chest. The rest is the work of the backup.

Interestingly, sometimes the rejection of explicit scenes due to too large claims to their own sports form. For example, Keira Knightley in the movie “Domino” immediately realized that she could not play the scene with lap dance, and she was backed up by a more skater and plastic understudy.

Photo: frame from the film
"Friends with Benefits"
Photo: frame from the film
Photo: frame from the film

And it also happens that there is a kind of deception, but in fact it does not exist. So it was with Natalie Portman. In the movie "Your Highness" it is Natalie who stands in a string on the bank of the river. But a completely different girl is jumping into the water.The fact is that the actress the water seemed too cold.

And of course, it’s worth considering the fact that the director himself takes the doubles to the site. The reasons are different. In the case of Angelina Jolie (the movie “Wanted”) it was too thin physique. And in the case of Owen Wilson (the film “He, I and His Friends”), it’s generally only a subjective decision of the director. They say the actor admitted that he himself could undress, but after learning about the stunt person, he said: “I don’t even know how to treat this.” By the way, once Kevin Costner categorically refused to show the fifth point in the scene at the waterfall (the film “Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves”), but then without any problems was undressed in the film “Dancing with Wolves”. So understand these artists ...

Photo: a frame from the movie "Your Highness"
Photo: shot from the movie "Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves"

Finally, if there is still strength left, we will reveal the main trump cards. The kisses and hot hugs in the Harry Potter film for Emma Watson were already performed by four doubles. And during the shooting of the cult film "Pretty Woman", then still young actress Julia Roberts flatly refused to take off her clothes. Even if not all. Even if only from the back.Instead, she was plowed by a dancer named Shelly Michelle, but then all the laurels, fees and success then went to Julia Roberts anyway.

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