Repair of the room with photo wallpaper

Today, of course, very fashionable and stylish decoration of the bedroom are the wallpaper. The technologies of the modern world have advanced so much in this area that, instead of old landscapes, on thin fragile paper, a truly live image has come, sometimes striking in its beauty and realism. Now many wallpapers have a large selection of not only plots, but also materials of execution, such as: paper, non-woven, vinyl and other textures that help display the structure of wood or brick and create the maximum real image of natural materials right in your home.
repair with photo wallpapers
I would like to tell you about my minor repairs, which, ultimately, made our entire family happy. The bored brown color did not inspire at all, and I wanted to give our bedroom a bit of romance, light and bright colors, which help to improve our mood so much.So, let's go.
wall cleansing
The first thing we started with was the thorough cleansing of walls from numerous layers of old wallpaper. I can say that this process requires a lot of patience, because you need to remove even small particles from the walls. To improve the separation of paper from the walls, you can use both ordinary water and special fluids. In our case, we intensively wetted the walls with warm water, we waited a bit and removed old wallpaper with spatulas.
 removed the old wallpaper
After long labors, our walls looked just awful, there were visible traces of old plaster, and not brought to the "mind." There is no way to do without alignment, and the next stage was as follows.
 our walls looked just awful
 our walls looked just awful
To avoid fungus, mold and other troubles, the walls just need to be primed. We used a deep primerpenetration.
deep penetration primer
After all the walls and corners have been carefully primed and dried, you can proceed to the next step: if there is a need - plaster walls, if not (as in our version) it is enough to apply a putty.
We used both classic putty, so finish to conceal small irregularities of the walls. All stages of preparation are indicated by the manufacturer on the package. Mix dry putty with cold water in certain proportions and mix thoroughly.
 put putty on the wall
Then, following all the rules, apply the mortar with a trowel and put the spatula on the wall, pressing on the spatula itself, dispersing the solution up and down, to the right and left, moving from one wall to the other. You should know that for quality work, especially in the corners of the room, you need to use two spatulas of different sizes.
 the walls are carefully plastered
After all the walls are carefully otshpaklevany, and already dried,we set about laying the floor.
 align it with a hardboard
Since it was planked, we decided to put linoleum, align it with the help of hardboard. Of course, for a high-quality leveling, you need to use thicker and thicker materials such as fiberboard or plywood, but for a young family with a limited budget, hardboard may be suitable. Carefully nail it to the boards so that it does not “walk” under your feet.
 align it using hardboard
The next step will be laying linoleum. The color was chosen beige with an uncomplicated pattern to make the room light. I can say this is not a complicated process at all, the main thing is that the linoleum “was not cramped” and the edges were not pressed into the walls, otherwise you would get ugly waves instead of a flat floor.
 linoleum flooring

linoleum flooring
After the work, the room began to look fresh, clean and bright. And we proceeded to further ennoble our bedroom. Pasting wallpaper and wallpaper. It was decided to glue the wallpaper on its larger side, which is adjacent to the window. To begin with, as it is written in the instructions, you should mark the wall: these are straight lines intersecting at one point in the middle.
 Wallpapering and photo wallpaper

Measured them with the help of a building bar and level. A little effort and diligence and a piece of nature already pleases the eye right in your home.
 Wallpapering and photo wallpaper
 Wallpapering and photo wallpaper
 Glue wallpaper and wallpaper
With the choice of photo wallpapers there were no problems, I wanted something gentle and beautiful, and what could be more beautiful than flowers? I want to say that the idea of ​​the style and color of the room arose precisely from the picture on the photo wallpaper. sticking wallpaper. For better gluing, you must use a special glue that is suitable for a particular type of wallpaper.In our case, the wallpaper on non-woven backing and adhesive, respectively, selected under this type
 glue on a non-woven base
Wallpaper glue without overlapping each other.
Wallpapering and photowall
We started to glue the door, because the door standing on a level, and there was no need rascherchivat marking the first sheet plumb .
Pasting wallpaper and wallpaper
 okleinaya room
 glued wallpaper
Let's get to the ceiling. We chose the German “Format” tile (the “Rhapsody” picture), which made it possible to arrange the ceiling quickly and effortlessly. The main advantage of this tile that the seam is almost not visible and looks very nice
 ceiling tiles
The final touches in the repair, were the work with the ceiling and floor skirting.
ceiling tiles
Plinth and threshold chosen to match the door to the room.
 door threshold
plinth on the floor
The result was a repair that changed our bedroom to no avail. Evaluate for yourself.
 repair with photo wallpapers
 repair with photo wallpapers
repair with photo wallpapers

repair with photo wallpapers
 f tooboi
wish all of good repair!

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