Roses from cotton pads

Good day to all. Since you are currently reading my article, it means you like to do various beautiful things with your own hands and you have come here for inspiration and new ideas. Well, what do we start to create? Today we will make roses from cotton pads. For this we need: - Cotton pads. - Aluminum wire. - Glue. - Scissors. - Gouache green . - Brush. - Hairspray lacquer. Take the wire of the desired length and cotton pads. The length of the wire depends on what height you need the stem of the future flower. Cotton pads will need to be torn slightly, as shown in the photo. And wind them around the wire. For reliability, the ends of cotton wool are fixed with glue. The stem is ready. If the stem is not even in thickness, then there is nothing terrible, because the true colors of these flowers are not even.
 wire and cotton pads
wind them around the wire
Let's put our stalks to the side for now.We take more cotton discs and cut the leaves out of them. In fact, you can cut the shape of the leaf at your discretion, I decided to cut the simplest shape.
 cut leaves out of them
 cut out the leaves from them
Now we paint on both sides the stems and leaves with gouache of green. It is better to paint on the newspaper in order not to stain the table.
Leave to dry. While we have free time. You can make rosebuds. A flower can be collected on a stem, or it can be separately, to whom it is convenient. We take again cotton pads and glue. The first disc is rolled up with a glue and fixed.
 we twist the disk
Take the second disk and paste it on top of the tube without sticking on top of the edge of the disk, we will fix it (straighten it) like need to. So glue other discs, until the rose is the right size.
 Roses from cotton pads
Bud ready, you can stick it to the stem (if, of course,dried).  Roses from cotton pads
Then glue the leaves. You can stick the leaves all over the trunk, but I wanted to paste them only at the bottom of the bud.  Roses from cotton pads When the glue is well dried and all the details flower hold well, the flower is ready. From these roses, you can create a beautiful floral composition that will decorate the room in your home.  Roses from cotton pads
 Roses made of cotton wool
As you can see, you can make flowers not only white. With the help of gouache, you can make flowers of any color. Yes, I almost forgot, I advise you to apply hair styling varnish on the painted spots on the flower, thus they will not be painted and the varnish will give them a little shine. Goodbye, to new meetings.

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