Rules for a comfortable interior

NATURAL MATERIALS,used for interior design, create the natural beauty and ecological cleanliness of the room. Solid wood or wood products, natural stones and clay brick, linen and cotton fabrics will decorate the house, make it warm and healthy. After the beginning of the repair of the living room, try to refuse or minimize plastic, concrete, metal or glass parts in the interior design. Replace them with environmentally sound materials. Instead of plastic containers, put the wicker baskets. Straw products look great as decorative elements and as independent objects, bright capes and pillows from natural fabrics will give the room a unique color and individuality.


What in the house should be a lot, so it's houseplants that are not only very beautiful, but also purify the air. The more green spaces, the better the microclimate in the room. Almost all indoor plants have healing properties.So, basil, roicissus, cardamom and spathiphyllum have remarkable antibacterial properties, and geranium and lavender perfectly soothe and regulate pressure. Home "doctors" of aloe and kalanchoe will come in handy for colds, and laurel and chlorophytum will perfectly purify the air and neutralize unpleasant odors. The more green plants and bright indoor flowers, the calmer and happier the weather in the house.


A cozy house should be bright, if you still decide to update the interior, you can see the photo of the repair of apartments. It’s good if the big windows let in enough sunshine and daylight. In this room it is easy and free to breathe. Well-designed lighting fixtures with bright or muffled light will make the house cozy in the evening hours.


The best interior items are handwritten items of all family members. Knitted or embroidered things, beautifully cut shelves and photo frames, fashioned figurines and ikebana - all this creates a unique style that favorably affects children and adults. Encouraging creative activities makes the house more comfortable, and the atmosphere - warmer and more trusting.Children's drawings and family photos, things from the grandmother's trunk and the fruits of the family's creativity create an individual style and unique color of your home.


When setting up your home, remember the sense of proportion. Many variegated elements and bright colors in the interior, complex designs and extra objects can make disharmony in the overall picture of the room and in the sensations of the household. All things must carry a positive charge and joy, then your home will be a welcome marina for the whole family.

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