Seafood and black caviar: what celebrities eat

We decided to study the diet of Russian stars and find out what products and dishes they prefer.

They are loved and recognizable. Fans watch their lives sometimes even too closely. They do not ignore the star menu. Still would! Everyone wonders what products celebrities prefer to stay in shape. We looked into the plates of Russian stars and found there not only healthy fruits and vegetables, but also black caviar, shrimps, and even oysters, so popular among many celebrities.

Ksenia Sobchak

Photo: @xenia_sobchak

The famous TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak does not leave the covers of glossy magazines and is under the constant aim of photographic and video cameras. She manages not only to respond to the criticism of detractors, brush off the annoying journalists, but also tries to lead a correct life, find time for exercise and yoga and use healthy organic foods. But sometimes even this “iron lady” gives up the slack and allows herself to feast on chicken wings, fish dishes, ginger tea and homemade ice cream.

Anfisa Chekhova

Photo: @achekhova

Another well-known TV presenter is now in Georgia and, despite the incredibly rich traditional cuisine, she even managed to lose a few kilograms. Shotipuri bread, sheep cheese, khinkali, homemade saperavi, apricot jam, peach compote - these and other tasty dishes are included in the daily celebrity menu.

“There is one more feature in Georgia ... the Georgians cannot help themselves in order to not treat you to something. Away, of course, you feed to satiety! Even if you came unexpectedly, the hostess, having barely heard your steps, will already start setting the table. On the market I was given bundles of herbs, nuts, dried fruits. In restaurants, they were often treated to something ... Everything you see in my hands (Kakheti bread-shotepuri and cheese) was presented to us at the market, then there was also tomato, peaches ... I don’t understand how they make money with this approach. But such unbelievable generosity pleases the guests of Georgia! By the way, due to the fact that I got sick and lost my appetite for a few days, I, despite all predictions, returned thinned from Georgia, ”Anfisa said in her Instagram.

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