Shawl transformer: scheme and master class on knitting

Today we will show you how to knit a shawl, but not a simple triangular one, but a transformer, which can be turned into a vest, a beautiful scarf, a jacket, a tunic and much more with simple maneuvers; everything will be limited only by your imagination! Interested? Then let's get started.

Necessary materials

  • The desire to knit and free time
  • Hook
  • Spokes of the third number
  • Strand thread, preferably natural 500-600 grams
  • Knitting markers and pins
  • Fantasy, showing that the shawl can be supplemented, thereby creating a few more options for transformation.


Shawl transformer can be connected in any pattern, whether it be leaves, shells, droplets or any other, in this regard, the scheme of the shawl is only its shape, and the pattern itself can be used by anyone.

Here, for example, take this scheme and knit on it, but on both sides make slots for hands. In addition, as a basis for a transformer shawl, you can use a ready-made one, all you need is to make convenient slots for hands.
You can make several types, or simply change the ready-made version, for example, instead of the slits for the sleeves, you can make the collar in the center and the shawl will be put on the neck like a full-fledged jacket. In general, showing imagination, you can create an absolutely unique thing and surprise with it the people around you.
Here are a few options for such transformations:

In the video you can stumble upon a step-by-step instruction, specially prepared for a certain pattern and size of shawls, to find several interesting transformations and their description.

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