Shortbread and Shortbread Dough Cookies

Homemade cookies - the best treat for tea. Well, if it is also with homemade jam - this is generally an ideal option. Homemade cookies with jam can be prepared on the basis of different types of dough.

jam cookies
Liver and jam can be given different forms.
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1 pinch10 tsp.Vanillin1 bagSour cream6 tbsp.Margarine200 gramsWheat flour300 grams
  • Servings:
  • Preparation time:40 minutes
  • Cooking time:20 minutes

Shortbread Cookies with Jam

This cookie is also called “ten-minute”, as it is prepared extremely quickly.

Technology of making sweet butter biscuits:

  1. Mix flour, margarine, sour cream and vanilla. Using a fork, mash the margarine and knead the dough. Pre-melt margarine is not necessary. Flour may require a little more than what is indicated in the recipe. The main thing to get an elastic dough.
  2. Let the dough soak in the refrigerator for half an hour.Roll it into a fairly thin layer about 5 mm thick. Cut the layer into squares 8x8 cm
  3. In the center of each square, put a little bit of any jam. Roll up the squares in the form of envelopes.
  4. Bake cookies in a hot oven for about 20 minutes.

The finished delicacy can be sprinkled with flavored vanilla sugar if desired.

Jam cookies

This cookie is no less tasty. It is also called "grated." Below you will find out why dessert got its name. So, you need:

  • 1 egg;
  • 200 g margarine;
  • 1 tbsp. Sahara;
  • 3 tbsp. flour;
  • ½ tsp soda;
  • 1 tbsp. l vinegar;
  • jam - as much as needed;
  • 1 pinch of salt.

How to cook:

  1. Grind margarine at room temperature with eggs and sugar.
  2. Add flour and salt to the preparation. Soda quench vinegar and also put in the dough. Knead everything thoroughly. The dough should be cool.
  3. Divide the dough into 2 equal pieces. Put the first piece on a baking sheet and stretch it to make a uniform cake. Grease the workpiece with a thick layer of any jam.
  4. The remaining dough, grate a large grater. Sprinkle the resulting crumb billet. Baby should completely cover the entire filling.
  5. Bake the billet in a hot oven for 15 to 30 minutes.depending on your oven. When it is ready, cut it into portions and cool it.

If you can not grate the grated dough, put it in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. You can also use a grinder instead of a grater.

It is very convenient that for these recipes you can use a variety of jams. Every time you can make a new kind of stuffing and surprise your family with another version of delicious delicacy. In addition, the recipes are so simple that you can cook cookies for them at least every day.

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