Silver earrings with pearls or emerald - what kind of jewelry to choose as a gift for your beloved

Silver earrings with precious stone inserts are real masterpieces of both traditional and modern jewelry art. Their main purpose is to draw attention to the feminine beauty and dignity of appearance, to emphasize the attractiveness and charm of their mistress. If a man wants to make a very worthy gift to his beloved woman, having bought her silver earrings with pearls or emerald, he will not lose 100%. But which version of the silver earring inserts - emerald or pearl - should be preferred, because each stone and each piece of jewelry is original and unique in its own way? /e6/90d/e690dbfed44eb329bd60d889c22c74d9.jpg

Great Pearl Variety

Pearls are a very calm and not capricious gemstone, because they harmoniously combine with yellow and white metals, but the best is with silver. Pearl earrings produce a wide variety of shapes, decors and sizes - as well as sophisticated fancy braided models with exclusive pendants, as well as small, simple stud earrings and studs. In their manufacture wizard used pearls of various diameters, colors and shapes. Jewelry with mother of pearl is universal - optimal for women of any age and any type of appearance. /e9/fa0/e9fa0a6cbcf976c08689d15fab8f97c2.jpg /ca/c6a/cac6ace1278fdec64bb64718ee6e61e6.jpg

50 shades of green in silver

Emerald is a form of precious beryl. It is valued much higher than diamonds, because it is extremely rare in nature. Its main advantage is the rich color range, which has more than 50 shades of green - ranging from soft green to yellow-green. This color is determined by the presence of special natural impurities. /39/ba4/39ba462133a6899c0d53b8638d4abeb9.jpg

According to the legend, the emerald is a unique gem that is not born in the bowels of the earth, but presented to people by celestial angels, and therefore it is believed that it has special magical properties. /18/91b/1891bed954c90f22ec35fbbce7b531d0.jpg

Silver earrings with emerald not only emphasize the dignity of the appearance of their mistress, but also protect throughout life. But when choosing them and should be considered

  • Light stones with a grassy green tint will be most likely to face blondes with very pale skin;
  • for those with bright gray and green eyes, a wonderful choice would be earrings with emerald inserts with a rich color;
  • dark-skinned brunettes will be given the appeal of dark green hues or models where both light and dark emeralds are used at the same time.

Depending on the shape of the face, you also need to choose the design of the earrings.

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