Simple and elegant dress with knitting needles

Materials and tools:

  1. yarn (55% sheep wool, 45% cotton; 50g / 140m) 9 (10) 11 (12) skeins of light gray;
  2. Needle No. 3
  3. Circular knitting needles No. 3.5 and 4, 80 cm each;
  4. No. 3 circular needles 40 and 60 cm long;
  5. 10 buttons with a diameter of 25 mm.

Pattern Description

Knitting density:22 p. x 28 p. = 10 x 10 cm, connected by the front surface.

1 subtraction: 1, we remove the loop as the front one; we knit the next loop with the front one and stretch the removed loop through the knitted one.

Warning: we knit a dress on circular needles, but in rows in the forward and reverse directions, since a very large number of loops is required for the bottom edge of the dress.

If the description of the model specifies only one number or a series of numbers, then this data applies to all dimensions. Edge loops in the front and purl rows knit facial.

Dimensions:S (M) L (XL)

Product width at chest girth:87 (92) 98 (103) cm

Product Length:90 (91) 92 (93) cm

Knitting description


On the circular needles number 3.5, we collect 166 (172) 178 (184) loops and knit 4 rows with facial.Go to the circular needles number 4 and continue to work, distributing the loop in the next purl row like this: Krom., 28 (31) 34 (37) w., Count the following 108 loops (set on both sides by the label) and knit them like this: * 24 persons., 4 loops of the "chain", as shown in the diagram *, we repeat * - * 2 more times, then we knit 24 persons. up to the mark, finish the row 28 (31) 34 (37) w., chrome. The following rows are knitted according to the pattern, while loops of the three "chains" are knitted according to the scheme.

When the product length is 7 cm, in the next purl row on the section marked 108 loops, we begin to perform reductions: we knit 2 loops together with the front one, * knit up to 2 loops before the “chain”, perform 1 decrease, we knit 4 loops of the “chain”, We knit 2 loops together with the facial *, we repeat * - *, we finish by knitting up to 2 last loops from 108 marked ones and we decrease them = only 8 decrements in a row. We repeat the reductions approximately every 7 cm. We perform a total of 8 reductions = 102 (108) 114 (120) loops.

We knit about 7 cm more and perform decrements again, but at the same time we reduce only 4 loops, tying 2 loops together with facial loops on 4 sections of the marked loops, connected with a seamy surface. After that, the needles will be 98 (104) 110 (116) loops.

We knit straight until the length of the product is 70 cm.Then for armholes we close on both sides 6.2 (7.2) 8.2 (9.2) loops. In the next front row we perform a reduction on both sides for the formation of armholes: chrome., We knit 2 loops together with the front one, knit it to the last 3 loops of the row, 1 decrease, chrome. We repeat these reductions in every 2nd row - we complete 3 (3) 4 (5) reductions on each side = on the spokes of 76 (80) 82 (84) loops.

Next, we knit straight and when the armhole height is 18 (19) 20 (21) cm, close the average 38 loops for the neck. Simultaneously from the outer edge we close 6, 6, 7 (7, 7, 7) 7, 7, 8 (7, 8, 8) loops for the bevel of the shoulder. We end the other side in the same way.


We will knit similarly to the back until the armhole height is 11 (12) 13 (14) cm. Then we close the middle 38 loops for the neck, on the remaining 19 (21) 22 (23) loops on each side we knit straight until the armhole height will not be 18 (19) 20 (21) cm. The hinges for the shoulder are closed, as on the back.


We perform shoulder and side seams.

Flight Level

On circular needles No. 3 with a length of 40 cm, type around 100 (106) 112 (118) loops on the edge of the armhole, turn and knit from the wrong side. We send the first row of crossed facial, then another 3 rows of facial, closing the loops in the last row.We tie the second armhole in the same way.


On circular knitting needles No. 3 with a length of 60 cm, we collect about 136 stitches around the edge of the neck and knit the bake as the armholes.


We type 12 loops on the spokes No. 3. We knit the faces approximately 25.5 (28) 30.5 (33) cm.

Important: the length of the shorts should be equal to the width of the side sections of the dress around the waist line, connected by the facial smoothness. Measure about 10-12 cm below the armhole. Loops strap close on the front side. Similarly, knit the second strap. We attach the tabs with several stitches to the dress at a distance of 10-12 cm from the armholes, try on the dress and make changes if necessary. Sew stitches with two buttons at the ends and attach to the side seams. From the front we sew 3 buttons, distributing them evenly between the hoods and the edge of the cutout.

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