Simple lanterns (candlesticks) for decoration

Materials and tools:

  1. glass jars;
  2. galvanized steel wire with a diameter of 8 mm;
  3. nippers, pliers and round pliers

Step 1

Take a wire and bite off 2 pieces. I use round nose pliers to make a ring at one end at both pieces of wire. And then turn the ring with pliers (see figure).

Step 2

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Take a jar, if necessary, clear the label. Now take both pieces of wire and connect them, for this: end without a ring of one piece of wire we wrap the rings of the other piece of wire around the neck. The resulting "connection" will wrap around the neck of the can and exactly the same, wrap the end without a ring around the "neck" of the ring, while slightly pulling it so that the wire lies tight around the neck. Bite off excess pieces of wire.

Step 3

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