Small Provencal Kitchens

You decided to recreate a cozy Provence style in a small kitchen, where do you start? First, consider the floor: it is better to finish it with ceramic granite, tile or wood. For those who love artificial materials, you can choose an imitation of natural coating, now on the construction markets a wide choice of flooring.

But the walls in the kitchen in the style of Provence may be limited to whitewashing or textured plaster, but on condition that they are initially in good condition (less even, without noticeable gaps, etc.). Embossed wallpapers with their painting in any pastel color will look great.

Working surface: here a colored mosaic or brick will be suitable for its facing. In Provence it is permissible to use a rough texture, because it refers to the rustic style, in which there is little excessive pretentiousness or refinement.

You can not ignore the ceilings. In Provence style, ceilings are most often decorated with dark beams, of course, for a small kitchen, this is not an option. So you can limit the plaster surface.

In the Provencal style kitchen, the current trendy hoods look somewhat ridiculous, it is better to buy an exhaust hood that will surely fit into the created rustic kitchen interior.

Choose furniture from a tree, it should be artificially aged or already created in the style of old models.

Do not forget the little things: Provencal cuisine should be saturated with accessories that emphasize the style. Decorate walls with painted plates, put porcelain sets, buy copper dishes.

Provence is a beautiful region of alpine meadows and greenery. Put vases of flowers or pots of dried flowers, and hang still lifes or seascapes on the walls. An old wall clock will also fit into the Provence style in a small kitchen.

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