Spark Lawrence showed how to hide the fullness outfit

The British model came up with the best image for donuts!

Look for inspiration and ideas for fashionable bows always standing by the stars, watching celebrities dress on the red carpet and social events. For example, the British model Iskra Lawrence showed the best image for full girls, hiding all the excess and emphasizing the dignity. At the same time trendy and frank.

At one of the shows in New York Fashion Week Spark came in a long skirt with a frank cut, which favorably emphasized the waist and rounded shape of the model, in a t-shirt, tied, like a crop-top, right under the breast, and in a leather black jacket, which is already which year in September returns to trends. And Spark threw a leather jacket on his shoulders to hide the massiveness. As a result, if you do not know that Lawrence is a plus-size model, it is simply impossible to guess.

Photo: Getty Images

The images of the Sparks are not always so successful: the model can increase the fifth point with a skirt with laces or open the tummy, wearing a very short top.Yes, and the cellulite model does not hide and boldly uploads to Instagram images without retouching.

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