2013 Spring-Summer trends in shoes

So the long-awaited time has come to take off your winter shoes and wear fashionable and stylish ankle boots, loafers, and a little later - sandals and sandals. They will be popular this season. What colors and styles are relevant this spring and summer? Designers have thoroughly worked and provided a huge selection of shoes in both retro style and models with a clear tendency to futurism. Color plays an important role in this season. Spring and summer shoes of 2013 - bright, saturated shades of blue, violet and red. For lovers of pastel shades fit models made in peach or shade of delicate creme brulee. The black color in the shoes this season has receded into the background.

Bows, straps, buckles, artificial flowers - all this is very important in decorating the shoes of the season 2013. Appliques, embroidery, various edges and jewelry can be harmoniously combined on shoes and ballet shoes. They emphasize the uniqueness of the shoes, make it original.Embroidery can be observed even on leather products. The decor elements are made in contrasting colors and even from other materials (velor, silk). The straps are now present on both classic shoe models and shale. Especially fashionable sandals with a T-shaped arrangement of the straps. Greek style high sandals knee-high and higher is the trend of the season. Both the studs and the platforms are relevant. Of course, suede or leather evening shoes on heels of saturated color, for example, red, are better suited for the publication. They will create the necessary emphasis, emphasize the beauty of the legs and attract attention. Again in the fashion model with a sharp toe. Particular attention is paid to the form of heels. Relevant model "kittenheels" with a tiny heel. They are very comfortable and look just gorgeous. But for lovers of cutting-edge trends, suitable options when the heel is not on the heel, but approximately in the middle of the foot. Although at first glance it may seem that it is impossible to wear it, but in fact such models are very comfortable. This year, fashionable sandals and shoes with translucent details that are even difficult to see at a glance. Platforms now make a variety of textures, with bright relief patterns, original forms.You can even confuse a pair of shoes with some piece of sculptural craftsmanship, so artistic were the models of this year. From the spring models, you can prefer bright orange light blue or blue boots on the platform. These colors will add positive and make the image unique.

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