Spring Topiary

Very often in the houses and office premises you can see beautiful balls of flowers, cloth or coffee beans, which are fixed on a stick and placed in pots. This is a topiary. They are the original decoration of any room and can be very different. You can make a topiary of a certain theme. For example, by the seasons, by the color of the interior, by the interests of the person and other parameters. Today we will make a spring topiary from fabric and satin ribbons. To work you need the following components:
  • - green pot with stand;
  • - 25 cm long wand;
  • - green fabric ;
  • - cotton swabs;
  • - multi-colored satin ribbons 5 cm wide;
  • - regular newspapers;
  • - yellow gouache;
  • - colored paper (in our case green);
  • - thread;
  • - plasticine;
  • - beads;
  • - heat gun;
  • - candle;
  • - matches.
First, let's make a ball. To do this, we take old unwanted newspapers and form them in a tight room, and so that the layers do not crumble, fasten them with a thread. Spring Topiary
Then glue the ball with green paper.
 Spring Topiary
Cloth cut into squares of 8-10 cm in size. To prevent the edges from fraying, they must be scorched by candles or lighters. In total, 50 green squares are needed.3.jpg Now we will glue these blanks on a ball. But beforehand, each of them needs to be folded 2 times into a small triangle and only then glued to a ball at a corner using a heat gun.
 Spring Topiary
 Spring Topiary
Spring Topiary
 Spring Topiary
Let's make flowers from pink and crimson satin ribbons. Cut the petals, sing the edges and paste them in color on the cardboard circle. There are such delicate lush flowers.
Spring Topiary
Glue them between the green fabric,and in the center we will fix a beautiful pearl bead.
 Spring Topiary
 Spring Topiary
Also on the ball you can glue a small bright hat made of colored cardboard, narrow ribbons and beads.
Spring Topiary
Place crocuses at the bottom of the spring topiary. We will make them from purple, yellow and white satin linen. We cut out 6 oval petals and glue on a cotton swab.
 Spring Topiary
Center the sticks with yellow paint.
Spring Topiary It turns out pretty gentle crocuses.
 Spring Topiary
B rem pot, put in the center of the wand, securing it with plasticine. We stick crocuses into plasticine and decorate them with green squares.
 Spring Topiary
You also glue the wand with a green cloth and place a ball with flowers and a hat on it.Everything is perfectly fixed with the help of a thermogun.
Spring Topiary
Spring Topiary is ready!
 Spring Topiary
It will look beautiful on a table, on a shelf, on a windowsill or on the nightstand. Tips:
  • - to reduce the amount of work, you need to buy a finished foam ball and paint it with green gouache;
  • - instead of satin ribbons, you can use bright corrugated paper, from beautiful flowers are also obtained;
  • - crocuses are far from the only option, snowdrops or tulips will look just as good;
  • - in the decoration of the autumn topiary it’s better to use orange fabric, and winter - white;
  • - in the winter topiary snowflakes are more appropriate, but not flowers;
  • - if the theme is autumn, you can decorate the tree sow with various gifts of nature (cones, acorns, leaves and others);
  • - a summer topiary can be decorated with cheerful birds and butterflies made of corrugated paper.

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