Stylish and luxurious autumn-winter 2016 jackets

If you decide to pick up a jacket, do not rush to buy the first one. First, find out the fashion trends to look stylish and attractive.

What materials are in fashion?

You should start with the material, because it is he who largely determines the practicality and ease of use of such a wardrobe item as a jacket. And this season the following fabrics will be fashionable:

  • Special attention should be paid to leather jackets, both male and female. This material is not only stylish, but also one of the most practical, because if it is of high quality, it will endure with all the vagaries of nature and will last for a long time.
  • If you need a light jacket for an early warm autumn, then choose a model from denim, this fabric is also in trend, especially if it is complemented by decor. And the material must be dense, in some cases, it is appropriate and some rude.
  • A satin or silk jacket will look elegant, romantic and subtle, of course, with a warm lining that will not let you freeze in cool weather.In the trend and other textile materials, more dense, simple and practical, for example, satin, cotton.
  • Neoprene is another trend of the season. It perfectly retains heat and protects from the wind. As a nice bonus - a stylish, modern and youthful image.
  • You can buy a nylon jacket, but such a material must have a water-repellent layer, because you need to take care not only of the image and appearance, but also of comfort.
  • Classic suede also remains relevant, but it is worth remembering that it is very capricious and requires special care.
  • If earlier cashmere was used to sew exclusively coats, today, on the catwalks of fashion houses, stunning cashmere jackets that combine practicality and elegance are increasingly common.
  • Tweed jacket is suitable for autumn and will replace a strict coat, making the image more playful and modern.
  • Velor and corduroy. Many believe that they have long ago sunk into oblivion, but everything new is a well-forgotten old. And this unwritten rule worked for these specific materials.
  • In winter, the way you can have fur. But chic options are more suitable for expensive fur coats.As for the jacket, it is better to choose a model from artificial eco-fur or from sheepskin.

Color range of stylish jackets

Trendy autumn-winter 2016 jackets should not be overly bright (such as in previous seasons). Juicy colors should be left for other occasions, and outerwear, according to fashion stylists and designers, should not be isolated from the crowd and attract much attention. Therefore, in the trend of tone more restrained and deep:

  • Delicate shades of caramel, as well as a calm coffee gamma and a more rich chocolate.
  • Dark blue tones. This color has almost become a classic, especially its inconspicuous variations.
  • If you want something unusual, but not too bright, give preference to specific and non-trivial metallic colors, such as bronze, silver, gold.
  • Classic, discreet and never out of fashion black.
  • Gray. And do not think that it is boring, especially if you combine its shades and create interesting monochrome compositions, as well as complement the main palette with accents.
  • Calm marsh has not gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row. Looks like it, but more bright and fresh olive.
  • Make the image more bright mustard. But at the same time he looks very reserved and discreet, so that the jacket is perfectly suitable for everyday wear.
  • Pay attention to such shades as wine, marsal, burgundy, burgundy. They are very rich, but they do not seem at all vulgar, but, on the contrary, give femininity.

Topical Styles

In the fall and winter of 2016, the following styles will be fashionable:

  1. Bomber jacket - the volume in the upper part and having a gum in the bottom short jacket. And in this performance are presented as female models, and male and even unisex.
  2. The scythe. This style, of course, to a greater extent applies to leather jackets, but denim can also be produced in such bold and slightly rough models.
  3. Oversize jackets, that is, dimensionless and bulky. They are not very feminine, but they warm well. And under them you can wear almost any thing.
  4. Sport jackets will be appreciated by active people who are used to the crazy rhythm of life at any time of the year.
  5. Designers took care of comfort and presented many models of long jackets, and the length can be maximal and even extreme (although in bad weather it is not very practical).
  6. Jackets-raincoats look easy and easy, but they warm perfectly.
  7. Parks came into fashion a few seasons ago and are not yet going to leave the podiums and shops. And it's great, because many appreciated them and fell in love.
  8. Jackets, jackets like real fashion women.


It is not necessary to buy a monophonic jacket, please yourself and surprise the people around with interesting prints:

  • Ethnic motifs are specific and so original!
  • Patterns "patchwork", that is, supposedly collected from small pieces of different fabrics, like a cozy grandmother's blanket. It looks very nice.
  • Pay attention to the colorful Oriental motifs.
  • Russian folk ornaments look very bright.
  • Abstract prints: curls, chaotically arranged irregular figures, blots, colorful splashes, in general, all the most creative.
  • Geometric images.
  • Decorative inscriptions, but not very large.
  • Floral and floral prints.
  • Various interesting effects, for example, cracked or strongly crumpled material.

All attention to detail!

A simple jacket is too banal, you deserve more! And that's why it's worth paying attention to the original decorated models. As interesting details may be:

  • Zippers and clasps. And they can not only be used for their intended purpose, but also act as an independent decor, and bold and bright.
  • Fur trimming, such as collars, cuffs or pockets. And such details will be especially interesting and stylish to look at textiles, for example, on denim or silk. Such a game of contrasts.
  • Lace. Such a decor can make any jacket romantic and feminine.
  • Inserts from other materials. And the more contrast the combination, the better!
  • Quilted patterns: as usual geometric or in a cage, and more complex, patterned.
  • Embroidery or tapestry designs will be associated with chic and make the image elegant and rich.
  • Fringe. And it can be absolutely anything: short and voluminous or long and low-key.

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