Stylish interior watches of German and Swiss brands are offered by "IC salon"

ICsalon »presents floor and wall clocks of brandsBulova,Hermle,Kieningerand others. Proven quality is combined with an affordable price.

Interior clock: the eternal relevance of the classic

Since the Middle Ages, wall and floor chronometers have served not only as a time measuring device, but also as a home decor item. In order for a big watch to become a stylish element of the interior, you need to be guided in their choice of simple design rules.

  1. If the pattern on the wallpaper is complex, with an intricate floral ornament, it is better to choose a product with a simple, strict frame shape: rectangular, rounded, square. With a fuzzy or small figure, the figured body will look beautiful.
  2. The tone of the wallpaper will also have to be taken into account when choosing colors.If the walls are light pastel-colored, bright wall details of the interior will help to make the room a bright color accent.
  3. When stopping the choice on a wooden watch, you need to take into account the colors of the sofa, the head of the bed, and the cabinets. The shades of the watch case and pieces of furniture should, if not coincide, then harmonize.


A variety of shapes and designs wall clock online shop "IC Salon" offers a wide range. These models serve as an excellent decoration for any apartment, regardless of the size and richness of the furnishings. Traditional wooden products will look great in a classic interior with solid furniture. As a rule, their dial is placed in a closed case. For rooms with more modern furnishings, models of glass, steel, plastic are suitable.


A compact version that can revitalize the interior of the library, living room, office. They are easily located on the shelf, dresser, table, relevant in any interior styles. A lot of people value functionality in these cases more than aesthetics. A number of desktop models are equipped with functions for adjusting the brightness, calendar, alarm clock, even a video camera.


These models are among the things that look advantageous only in large rooms. They are designed for spacious apartments and country houses. Best of all, floor copies are in harmony with the classic style of the interior. Many of their samples are quite worthy of becoming a heirloom.

Selection of hours in the “IC Salon”

The network of the Moscow's "IC Salon" hour-long salons offers buyers of a collection of wall, floor, desktop watches from manufacturers from Switzerland, Germany, the United States and China. Among the goods of the stores there are both status floor clocks and products of the middle price range. The company's products are sold in shopping malls:

  • "Your home", WTC "Crocus City" and the SEC "Vegas";
  • Grand-2, 1st floor.

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