Sweet strawberries with protein and sugar cream

Sweet pastries are always a holiday for the family. Those housewives who often indulge the household with tasty treats know that with homemade products, tea drinking is doubly tastier and more desirable. This recipe for mouth-watering tubes with a delicate cream will surprise everyone at the table. Dough and cream are great for each other. Ruddy, air tubes - this is a real miracle. After trying one you can not stop! Required products for the cream: - 50 ml - water - 10 g of citric acid - 2 proteins - 180 g of sugar. Essential products of the basics of tubules : - 100 g margarine - 3 eggs - 70 ml of water - 15 g white sugar - 15 g edible salt - 350 g bakery flour - package high-speed yeast. Additional ingredients: - yolk (for lubrication) - sweet powder (for decoration) - butter (for baking). Step-by-step dough preparation process: 1 .Margarin prepare in advance. It should be at room temperature. Send it to a convenient dish. 2.There's a lot to break eggs.
Sweet tubes
3. Pour in water. It is necessary that the liquid is warm, but not hot.
 Sweet Tubes
4. Pour salt and sugar. Equal proportions of these ingredients will allow the dough to acquire a neutral taste.
 Sweet tubes
 Sweet tubes
5. Add yeast.
 Sweet tubes

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