Sweet Turtle

Does your baby love toys? Every mother tries to pamper her child with new soft friends. Imagine how nice it would be for a child to get a toy that his mother made herself and especially for him. Now I'll show you how to make an interesting cute tortoise, with which your baby will be nice and not boring to play. To create a turtle you will need: • Threads of the same thickness, but of different colors and shades. I used small hosiery that were left from past products - it's very convenient and practical, by the way. • Hook and scissors. • Needle with thread for stitching parts. • Synthesis for stuffing. • Large black beads or small pearls for the eye.  To create a bug
All parts will be knitting about the same way, some will be bigger, some smaller, but the beginning will always be the same - the Amigurumi loop. We start to knit with a shell. It is easier to make a start from it, so that all other parts are the same size.We make a loop and tie it with six columns.
 Making a loop
Next, knit three more rows, with the usual additions, to make a small pancake. The fourth row is already starting to knit with a thread of a different color.
 Next, knit three more rows
Having finished the contrast series, we return to the thread of the previous color .
 Next, knit three more rows
Make another row and tie a new color, and cut off the old thread, it will not be needed anymore .
 Making another series
Thus, we make rings of different colors so that the shell is striped.
 we make rings of different colors
Approximately also, only without stripes, we will knit a turtle head, a tumbler, four legs and tail. We stuff all the details with a synthetic winter coat and sew together.
 Sweet Turtle
It turned out so wonderful turtle.Such a toy will undoubtedly become one of your favorite ones for your baby. Experiment with color and pamper your favorite child, he will be very grateful to you.
 Cute turtle made of wool

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