Taste of passion


Passion, like any powerful sensual experience, is a double-edged sword. It is capable of carrying good, but it can also do harm. It can please people with a sense of intimacy, and can endlessly distance them from each other, harm both you and your partner. To make sure that this conclusion is correct, it is enough to ask sexaholics about the damage they suffer.


Therefore, as a person learning to love, you must understand when romantic relationships are appropriate and when not. According to our basic definition, love must be constant and endless, because love is the desire to do good to your neighbor and the fulfillment of this desire. Such a desire and its implementation is a way of life, a life credo. But there are cases when the spiritual unity turns out to be untimely. For example, when you need to point a person to his unacceptable behavior. (Although not all the time is suitable for confrontation: if you are too upset, you can spend it incorrectly.)


So in family life there are periods,when you should refrain from romance. These are those cases where, for the benefit of love, it is better not to start sex games and refrain from intimate intimacy. Maybe my words will amaze you. But I said exactly what I wanted. Sometimes the most that a loving person can do is not to initiate a romantic relationship and not to support the romantic initiative of a partner. Sometimes this can save relationships and joint life. Are you surprised by this paradox? We will have to figure it out, because how well and self-denying we learn to love depends on enlightening the issue I have raised. I will list several cases when it is better to refrain from romantic attacks and sex.

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