Tell me about your cactus, and I will tell you who you are!

Cactus.A small, boring plant that everyone is afraid to touch. This plant almost everyone has on the table next to his computer, because in theory he has the ability to purify the air. Having your own cactus is a modern tribute to fashion, besides, you can simply use a cactus for cooking soup =)!
Let's face it, in the modern world without a cactus - nowhere!But did you know what your choice of cactus says about you?Do not miss our special guide to cacti owners.


Those who give everything for cacti. Their motto is all or nothing. Uncompromising. Those who are ready to go so far as to easily make a tattoo with a cactus image! Or decorate her room so that it resembles a desert. One or two cactus? They prefer cacti everywhere: sheets, pillows, coat rack, lamps, bedside tables ... or a strange stand for storing rings. Each of them is limited only by their own imagination.

Diferentes imágenes de cactus: un tatuaje, una habitación, complemento para joyas.

Choose a cactus shape for cookie cutters, oven mitts or other kitchen utensils. The perfect recipe: sweet inside and out is the most innocent cactus possible. What could be more charming!

Imágenes de cactus en relación con la cocina: manopla y galletas.


The well-known principle - the smaller, the more noticeable! They embody it in everything. Their cactus details are not visible to everyone, but at the same time they are always selected with taste and remain unmatched. The little detail, the flickering of the light, is just a small hint of being noticed.

Diferentes imágenes de cactus: decoración, joyas, lámpara.


Cactus - fans. Sneakers, jackets, dresses and endless accessories. Cacti are literally sewn to their pajamas and bikinis. Here it is - a real love for cacti of a completely different level!

Diferentes imágenes de cactus en relación con la moda: sudadera deportiva, pijama, zapatillas, traje de baño.

Are you nervous? Take a cactus

Stress? Who said stress? The best anti-stress treatments always include a collection of fluffy cushions - cacti to hug them and forget about all the failures. That this is a placebo effect or not is unimportant because, as a rule, this method helps immediately. How to use: light or strong “hug” (of your choice). Another method: candles to relax and soothe more elevated natures.

Welcome to the best cactus garden!

Imágenes de cactus: decoración, velas.

Creative people - do it yourself

We all know that creative people have the most amazing abilities. They create the world of cactus with their own hands, but plunging into it, prepare your imagination, which is necessary for the realization of unthinkable ideas in conditions of limited resources.

Imagen cactus decoración

Cactus as a means of communication

“And what about my phone without a cactus?” Those who are seriously addicted to technology and gadgets, and think of the smartphone as their integral part, those who are almost impossible to tear off from the phone for a minute. Do not worry, we have found a solution for you.

Imagen cactus funda smartphone

And ... um ... for the bravest?

Here is a new element of home decor, and there is nothing to add - the picture speaks for itself!

Imagen cactus cepillo

Well, we have come to an end, although I think that this will never end.
The confrontation of lovers and opponents of cacti is just beginning. Hold on tight.

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