The advantages and nuances of choosing knitted gowns

For millions of women, knitted bathrobes are a favorite subject of home wardrobe. Products of this kind are suitable for all seasons. In winter, they warm, and in summer, on the contrary, allow the skin to breathe and give coolness.

Modern knitwear gowns have a stylish look and are comfortable to wear. And they are extremely cheap, especially when it comes to products of domestic manufacturers.


Often knitted bathrobes are made from natural fabrics. They do not cause allergies and are comfortable to wear. But do not abandon the models created with the addition of a small amount of synthetics. These robes do not cause health harm and can boast of durability. Specify that synthetics in the composition of the material should be no more than 40 percent.

Cut and Length

When choosing a home outfit, a woman needs to make a start from her appearance. For example, lush ladies are best suited models of free cut, equipped with belts. They visually emphasize all the available pluses of the figure, hiding its minuses.Slender lady is to stop the choice on fitted and tight-fitting products. Since knitwear stretches, you do not need to worry that such outfits will rub the skin.

Cheap and beautiful bathrobes from Ivanovo are made in different lengths. Maxi models perfectly emphasize the grace of tall women. If a woman is medium or short, the outfit should be just above the knee.

On sale you can find a lot of "seducing" gowns delicate and bright colors, made of airy knitwear. They are best used not every day, but from time to time - with the aim of seducing her man.

Fasteners and seams

The robe is in direct contact with the body, so it should not rub it. Based on this rule, stop the choice on quality knitwear from Ivanovo, which has soft and thin seams. Products with uneven stitches and protruding threads, created in China, it is better to bypass.

As for fasteners, bathrobes can be equipped with:

  • buttons;
  • lightning.

If you do not want to mess with them, take a look at the models with belts. They are not equipped with any additional fasteners and are extremely easy to use.

Times change

Previously, gowns were not stylish and looked rather unattractive.But now they are not at all what they were in Soviet times. Knitwear products can emphasize your beauty no worse than branded evening dresses or suits.

Bathrobes are not only practical and elegant home clothes, but also play the role of universal gifts. Naturally, handing them to colleagues or superiors should not be. If a similar gift is meant for his wife, grandmother, mother or sister, she will surely be pleased with him.

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