The aged Madonna was advised to make plastic

Haters decided that the singer looks like an old woman.

The Queen of Pop August 16 is 60 years old. On this occasion, she posted her fresh photo on Instagram, signing: “I carry a cake on my head”.

The red fez with an unusual decor did not look like a cake, but it was not even the fans who were concerned. Even despite the photo filters, the singer's face did not look the best: bags under the eyes, sunken cheeks, deep wrinkles in the corners of the eyes and lips ... The antiphimatuses even suggested she turn to a plastic surgeon.

Photo: @madonna

But recently Madonna was shot for the cover of a glossy magazine (and in one body and lace stockings) and looked great at the same time.

I want to think that this is just another shocking trick idol of millions. In the end, sometimes we all can not look like supermodels. And besides, Madonna will intentionally exaggerate her shortcomings and flaunt them. Scandalous tricks on the account of the singer - hundreds, if not thousands.Read more about the loudest of them here.

One has only to remember how two months ago she put a photo in a wedding dress in her microblog, and everyone suspected that she was marrying her lover - a 32-year-old Portuguese fashion model. And at the birthday of the adopted daughter Mercy James, the star depicted the pregnant woman altogether, stuffing something like a ball under her jacket.

Even with her outfits, she manages to surprise the public that, given our time, when stars try to outdo each other with extravagant dresses and costumes, she deserves admiration. chose the most original and vivid images of the singer.

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