The amazing properties of propolis

Everyone is well aware of the benefits of such bee products, like honey, bee pollen or royal jelly, but not all are aware of the benefits of propolis. This extraordinarily useful and valuable substance is collected by bees from various deciduous and coniferous plants.

To achieve the desired effect, the bees mix the extracted substances with their own saliva and flower pollen, resulting in a gluten plasticine-like substance, which wears the Latin name "propolis".

Bees use it to gloss over cracks in their own homes, hives, in order to avoid the formation of dampness, drafts or the appearance of microbes in them.

Every beekeeper knows for sure that there are never unpleasant putrefactive smells inside the hive, even if an insect or small rodent accidentally gets into it. Bees kill them with bee venom, and then process them with propolis, as a result, they turn into peculiar mummies that do not decompose and do not decay rot.

Over time, it was scientifically proven that this substance has a bactericidal property, in fact, propolis is a natural antibiotic, the use of which, by the way, was noted about 6000 years ago: Egyptian priests used it to mummify the bodies of the dead.

Composition and properties

Just imagine, the composition of this substance includes more than 280 compounds, while only 111 of them were identified by scientists. There are many examples of the miraculous healing of the most difficult ailments, even in cases where traditional medicine has proven powerless!

It includes many flavonoids that have an active wound-healing and pronounced antimicrobial effect, as well as terpenic acids, which have antifungal properties.

It also contains essential oils, resins and waxes, which have antiviral properties, organic acids that can anesthetize and stop the development of various bacteria. In propolis, there are tannins that do a good job with the regeneration of damaged tissues and skin. Also in propolis was discovered a number of valuable vitamins - vitamins of group B, as well as E, C, PP and provitamin A, which are necessary for the rejuvenation of the body,prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Treatment with it

The huge benefit from the use of this substance has contributed to its popularization along with the methods of traditional medicine, it is recommended by gynecologists, otolaryngologists, pediatricians, ophthalmologists and many others from the treatment of many ailments!

Propolis is called a powerful natural antibiotic, which adversely affects foreign bacteria and viruses, while not affecting the natural microflora of the intestine, in contrast to traditional antibiotics. This unique substance is even used for the prevention and treatment of such a serious area as oncology, as it successfully suppresses the growth and development of cancer cells.

Propolis actively fights with all the problems that arise on the mucous membrane of the mouth, throat and nose, treats ear diseases, is effective in burns, and heals wounds. He feels in the regulation of the endocrine system, and also has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect.

With its help, many skin rashes and diseases are treated, for example, psoriasis. Propolis is recommended for children, the elderly, as well as those who are actively involved in sports.At home, as a rule, it is used in the form of infusions on water, oil or alcohol, ointments, it can also be chewed bit by bit, taken with honeycomb honey.

Alcoholic tincture on the basis of propolis is easy to do with your own hands, for this it is enough to cut the propolis into pieces with a diameter of 2 mm, and then pour them together with medical alcohol. Place the jar in a dark place and leave at room temperature.

After 2 weeks, pour it into containers - this tincture can be stored for years and without deterioration. This tincture is effective for healing wounds, it is a good anesthetic, can kill fungi, bacteria and viruses, as well as stimulate metabolic processes.

Contraindications to the use of an allergic reaction, which can manifest as itching, burning, rash, headache, weakness, and even fever. Since propolis is quite a powerful substance, it is recommended to begin its administration from a small one, gradually increasing the dose.

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