The best gift for the Christmas tree: books for children for all occasions

Smart, bright, beautiful books will delight both children and adults. We have compiled for you a selection of books as a gift for children.
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Prepare a sleigh in the summer, and gifts in advance. This is the way to paraphrase popular wisdom, when there are three weeks left until the New Year holidays. Now is the time to start preparing, for example, to think about gifts.

And as you know, the best gift is a book. We chose unusual and very entertaining gifts.

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Iceberg on the carpet

It seems that there is not such a mother in the world who would not want to give her child an unforgettable childhood. But how to do this? Very simple. You need to play with the child - and the more often, the better. A well-known blogger and loving mother, Asya Vanyakina, understands this and therefore came up with a wonderful book. There are more than 100 master classes of games and activities for children from 1.5 to 5 years old. Open a book and play with your child every day. With colors and letters, ice and “home” snow, according to favorite books, cartoons and around events from the “adult world”. This is incredibly cool.

The book came out not so long ago, but it has already become a bestseller, which means that hundreds of moms and their children have already played wonderful games.

How things are arranged

Children love to disassemble things and watch what is hidden inside. The result of such research - disassembled cars, dolls and broken things. If you want to distract a little researcher, it's time to give himDavid Macaulay book. She will tell you how almost all things in the world work. And, most importantly, do not have to disassemble anything.

In the encyclopedia there are beautiful and clear drawings and texts written specifically for the small pupomes. Want to know how a thermos, a zipper, a door lock, a computer, and many more things surround us? It's time to read the encyclopedia. Especially since more than a million children around the world have already read it.

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Pictures My big exhibition

Many of us want to understand the art, but, unfortunately, in childhood, not all met with the painting, but now everything somehow does not reach. Now our children have a good opportunity to learn art in the game. Thisgame bookwill help. The set contains a book with descriptions of the directions of painting, stories about famous artists and their paintings, as well as cards for the game and the rules of different games.

To become a connoisseur of beauty in childhood, no need to cram, you can just play art. Great gift for the child, and for the whole family.

How is it built

The boys love to build out of everything that comes handy. And, of course, they want to know how to become a builder. Give them this book and they will be delighted. After all, it tells about the most famous buildings in the world: bridges, skyscrapers, dams, domes.The author describes the processescreation and design of the most famous buildings. And makes it simple and straightforward.

The book will reveal all the engineering and construction tricks, help to understand the intricacies of construction and teach the child to think analytically.

Art encyclopedia Dianna Aston

The book as a gift to the child must be beautiful, only then it will be remembered.Art EncyclopediaDianna Aston is just like that. They are so beautiful and poetic that it is impossible to take your eyes off. The lyric language of the author in combination with the elegant style of the illustrator helped to create real masterpieces - “The egg loves silence”, “What does a seed dream about?” And “The stone has its own history”.These are travel books in an amazing microcosm.

Each is dedicated to a separate topic: stones, seeds and eggs. Difficult topics, but here they are carried away, and how! Answers to questions, beautiful fonts, paper quality, amazing discoveries, and, of course, very beautiful illustrations, which is why kids and adults like books.

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