What is the best way to store paper photos? 7 valuable tips

Surely everyone in the closet has an old, worn photo album. You rarely look at it, but when the hands do "reach", watching the cute hearts begins to act better than any sedative, better than the most interesting book or film, even with the most curiously twisted plot. Everyone has a story, and photos are sometimes her only keeper. How do I keep my pictures as long as possible?

7 tips on how to store photos:

1. "Store in a dry dark place" - this postscript, which is often found on various jars for drugs, is quite relevant for photos. Remember that any paper is damp from excessive moisture and is destroyed by seasonal temperature fluctuations, so a garage, a balcony, a basement or an attic are not the best places to store photos.

2.Pay particular attention to the choice of photo album. The most suitable copies can be bought in specialized photo studios and ateliers - in the same place where they print photos in Moscow (MaxiLab.ru, for example) or in any other city.

When buying, specify what material the album is made of. The absolute neutrality of the environment, the absence of acid and wood fibers - this is what distinguishes a good "photo storage" from the mediocre. Typically, these albums consist of 100% cellulose, and on the cover or back side there is an “Acid-Free” mark (meaning no acid) or “Archival” (for archives, for long-term storage).

3. Before you start laying out photos on landscape pages, make sure that they have nothing left - clips, clips, any stickers. With long-term interaction with photographic paper, all this can cause great harm.

4. Photo albums are recommended to be stored in plastic boxes. Of course, ideally, there should not be air present, but a vacuum “atmosphere” is the best way to store pictures. When purchasing boxes, carefully study the composition, it should not have PVC - a component that decomposes after a couple of years (when decomposing, PVC particles can accelerate the destruction of paper).

5.Keeping pictures in electronic form seems more reliable than storing them in photo albums. In order for photos to please not only you, but also your children and grandchildren, it is better to digitize them.

6. How to restore a spoiled photo? If the pictures are very expensive to you, but over time the image on them has lost its original appearance, then this can be corrected using the “photo restoration” service.

7. Another tip is to sign a photo. Over time, such inscriptions will become much more valuable than they are now.

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