The idea has been successfully inhabiting country gardens for many years - a decorative pond made from a tire cover.

The quick wit and ingenuity of the Russian people have already entered the canvas of historical and everyday jokes. Indeed, who else can so unexpectedly find the use of unnecessary objects, make a useful thing out of junk waste?

With the development of the automotive industry there was a problem of used tires. At one time in the city courtyards appeared beds of tires, fences and even children's rides. The technology of building from an old tire of a decorative pool for the dacha was not kept for long, the craftsmen are now developing various elements of modernization for this know-how.

From what tire can you make a villa pond?

The choice of the workpiece is largely dependent on the place that you can allocate on your site for this decorative “zest”. Little place - a tire from the car,more places will do:

  • KAMAZ tires;
  • rear wheels of the tractor "Belarus";
  • a tire from a 45-ton "BELAZ".

Used tires can be foundin the workshop of tire service (free of charge) or at an auto enterprise (for symbolic money).

Which pond can you build?

Of course, in such a pond will not be able to breed fish, butdisembarkwater lilies, turku marsh, and along the banks - Siberian iris, quite real.

You can hide a rubber base with decorative flagstone, break an alpine slide next to it - and no one will guess about the basis of your decorative pond.

Photo of mini-reservoirs of tires with their own hands.

What will the craftsman need in the course of work?


  • shovels (bayonet and sovkovaya);
  • building level;
  • hacksaw or jigsaw.

Expendable material:

  • sand;
  • rubble;
  • stones;
  • soft sealant;
  • plants for decorating.

Video about creating an artificial pond from a car tire with your own hands.

How to move to the result, having on hand a suitable tire?

1. A tire cleaned of dirt must be specially prepared -trim its top. This can be done with a sharp knife, jigsaw (at low revs) or a hacksaw.

2.Choosing a place under the reservoiron the sunny side of the site, in a recreation area, away from large trees, so that under their fallen leaves do not bury their offspring.

3. Determine thedegree of penetration of the rubber base:

  • on the surface of the leveled area;
  • recessed into the ground by a third;
  • recessed into the ground across the entire width of the protectors.

4.Digging a holethe shape of the tire, the size of a little larger than its outer diameter. The depth is determined on the basis of the previous paragraph.

5. Level the bottom andwe fall asleep with his sand(15 cm).

6. Put the tire on the tamped bottom of the pit.

7. As a soft sealantYou can also use PVC film, but it is preferable to use a special covering material for swimming pools, which is easy to buy in specialized stores. It is freely spread on the bottom of the pit and the edges are pulled out (half a meter beyond the limits of the tire laid in it).

8. To ensure that the membrane membrane is rationally distributed inside the tire, water is poured andcarefully spreading covering material. To fix it, you can use rounded stones, putting them on the bottom at opposite ends.

9. The edges of the film material that are extended outside the tire must be straightened and covered with sand to hold, thento decorategravel, wild limestone or turf laid on powdered soil.

10. At this stage of the "newborn" pond canliven up with a fountain, for which a small pump or turbine is suitable for an aquarium with a nozzle. For the operation of such a fountain you need electrical connection. Wire for safety is fashionable to put in a plastic hose and prikopat.

Another video about how to make a pond with a fountain of tires.

Variants of decorative solutions for tire pond

      1. It is possible to build from different sized or equal sized tirestwo pondsin contact with protectors. In the process of decorating the joint, according to the Russian tradition, a bridge can be installed from a birch log unpolished from the bark - a beam bridge. The bridge can be plank, and even with railings. It can be purely decorative or part of a garden path.
      2. If one tire is set into the burial and another on the surface of the site, you can gettwo ponds with overflow. Overflow can provide drainage water from the roof or a homemade waterfall.

    You can make it, leading to the upper pond, through the thickness of decorative heaps of stone, a thin hose with a weak pressure of water. The flow of water, which will fall from the height of the stones, will ensure overflow into the lower basin.

        1. Poolfrom a small tirecan even be used for decorating balconies, loggias, terraces. In this case, the side surface of the tire is glued (on a waterproof basis) with artificial stone.
        2. A larger tire will allow you to createsplash pool for children. To do this, it is necessary to strengthen the tire as best as possible, warning of any possible shifts, and securely arrange the coastal zone with tiles to ensure safe walking barefoot. In addition, you need a pump to filter the water, or its periodic replacement.

    Photo of ready ponds at the cottage or house site with their own hands from tires.

    If you have a desire to bring beauty to the usual order of your garden and you have a used tire at hand, hurry up, and a decorative pond surrounded by unusual plants candecorate your gardenalready this season.

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