The main trends in manicure: what shades and design are in fashion in summer

A little minimalism, flowers and leaves and do not forget about the classics - all shades of red will not go out of fashion ever.

A lot of sparkles on the face, tint or gloss on the lips, light curls - these are mandatory attributes of this summer. To image was full, you need to take care of the beauty of the nails. We talked with experts on manicure, and also looked at pictures from the catwalks of fashion shows and found out what shades and nail designs are in trend this summer. Take note!

Summer motifs

This season at the shows met the most popular design - flowers. But not in the form that was in fashion 10 years ago, but in complete minimalism. For example, you can draw one leaf on a nail or several flowers on one nail.

“Zigzags, petals, umbrellas, sea surf, palm trees, fruits, splashes, points of different sizes or ice cream on a stick - all this looks very impressive on the nails,” saysSvetlana Toropova, the manicurist of the network studio "Manikyuroff."

Photo: IMaxTree

French with accent

The French manicure has a lot of fans, and if everyone is a bit tired of the classic version, we suggest paying attention to a more stylish option - put on the tip not a white varnish, but, for example, green. It will look very impressive.

Free space

This design was in fashion last season. This is one of the varieties of manicure, when one part of the nail plate is not covered with varnish.

“A great option for such a manicure is to cover the nail with a transparent base and draw several rectangles in a checkerboard pattern, leaving free space,” advises Svetlana Toropova.

House of holland
Photo: IMaxTree


“Despite the fact that in summer, girls often choose bright colors, now it is still more relevant to“ nude ”. Soft beige, peach, powdery, caramel and pastel shades with a translucent texture, as well as Baby nail nail modeling with a gradient gel technique, ”saidSabrina Hajiyeva, nail-master of beauty-space INHYPE BEAUTY ZONE.

Of course, red is still in fashion, it is this color that is considered elegant and seductive.Also, do not forget about metallic colors - they are more than one season at the peak of popularity.

“Light blue, deep blue, turquoise cause us to associate with the sea, clear skies and cool water, which is why they should be worn in summer. Neon nails are also in fashion, because they are often found in spring-summer shows. Models wore pronounced shades in pink, orange, yellow and blue colors, ”Svetlana Toropova comments.

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