The most delicious homemade dumplings

Homemade dumplings are good in that after spending just an hour or two, they can be prepared for future use, frozen and cooked as needed. In a good freezer they can be stored without loss of quality for a long time. Although food specialists recommend storing frozen dumplings for 30 days, the optimal storage time for homemade ravioli should not exceed three weeks. The undeniable advantages of homemade ravioli are that they only use meat flavored with garlic, pepper for making minced meat, salt and onion. There are no vegetable proteins, thickeners, flavors and other additives designated by the letter E.
 the most delicious homemade ravioli
For homemade ravioli you need:
  • beef 0.5 kg;
  • lean pork 0.3 kg;
  • pork fat 0.2 kg;
  • onions 0.2 kg;
  • garlic 5-6 cloves;
  • salt;
  • black pepper ,ground:
  • flour 0.7 kg;
  • milk 0.4 l;
  • eggs 1-2 pcs.
 eggs flour milk
1. Dough for ravioli is prepared quite simply. A pound of flour is sifted into a large bowl, salt is added, milk is poured in, one large or two small eggs are broken. Knead the dough. Add flour as needed. The dough is kneaded until it acquires an elastic texture.
 dough for ravioli
I cover the dishes with dough with a lid or film. Leave it on the table for about an hour. During this time, the dough will rest and become even more elastic. 2. While the dough is otlechivaetsya, you need to cook the minced meat for dumplings. For this you need a meat grinder of any type mechanical or electric. All components of the meat turn through a meat grinder. It is advisable to alternate between beef, pork, onion and garlic.
 minced meat
The minced meat will be more homogeneous, it will be easier to mix. Ready minced meat is salted to taste. Add ground black pepper in it.It is enough to put half or a whole teaspoon. All mix well. When the dough and stuffing are ready, begin to sculpt the homemade dumplings. 3. The dough is first rolled thin enough. Important! In the process of rolling and cutting the dough, the remaining flour will be required. The optimum thickness of the layer should be 2-3 mm. Cut the dough into circles in a glass or a glass.
 preparations for ravioli
4. In each circle put a teaspoon of minced meat.
 spread stuffing
Pinch the edges of the dough, connect the opposite ends. Dumplings are put on a board or baking sheet, after having sprinkled flour on their surface.
Important! If the dumplings are cooked for the future, then they need to be put in the freezer for two hours. If it happens in winter, the dumplings are simply brought to the balcony, the loggia. When the dumplings are well frozen, they are folded into a bag. Frozen dumplings are stored in the freezer. 5. For cooking dumplings water, with the addition of salt, bay leaf,Peppers are heated to a boil in a spacious saucepan.
 add bay leaf
In order to weld 0,5 - 0,6 kg of pelmeni you need 2.5 liters of water. 6. They lower pelmeni into the water.
cook dumplings
Carefully, from the bottom up stir them.  the most delicious home-made dumplings
7. When the dumplings float up and boil, they are removed from the boiling water. Do it with a slotted spoon. Homemade dumplings are served with various fillings:
  • butter;
  • sour cream;
  • mayonnaise;
  • mustard.
You can serve them dumplings with meat broth, greens.
the most delicious home-made dumplings

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