The most stylish images Sobchak during pregnancy

Ksenia Sobchak almost every day surprises fans with another fashionable bow. And this despite the interesting situation! The editors of Woman’s Day decided to put together all the most successful and stylish "pregnant" celebrity outfits.

In just a few years, the Russian TV presenter has turned from a scandalous star of a reality show into a real style icon. In the summer of 2016, the first reports about the pregnancy of Ksenia Sobchak began to appear in the media.

After a couple of weeks in the official confirmation of this fact was no longer necessary: ​​the pregnancy could be seen without ultrasound. At first, Xenia carefully hid her belly, and, it should be noted, she did it well. In addition, despite the expectation of the baby, the star has not ceased to look after itself.

After studying the pictures of Xenia, we can confidently call her one of the most stylish pregnant celebrities. The taste of Sobchak is really excellent; To prove this, we chose the ten most successful dresses that the star managed to try on during pregnancy.

Ksenia Sobchak practically did not change her style throughout the entire period of pregnancy. The star can often be seen in high-heeled shoes, but in the second trimester in her wardrobe appeared stylish shoes on a flat run and ankle boots on an average stable heel.

Among the fashion favorites of Ksenia Sobchak, even during pregnancy, were Russian designers. By a happy coincidence, in their collections, the TV presenter was able to find the perfect dress for pregnant women. For romantic sundresses with a floral pattern and embroidery, Ksenia went to see Alexander Terekhov and Natasha Zinko. But more rebellious and nontrivial outfits appeared in Sobchak's wardrobe from the collections of Ruban and Walk Of Shame. As for foreign brands, Ksenia Sobchak used to wear Dries Van Noten, The Row, Vetements and much more.

Even during pregnancy, Xenia’s style remained eclectic and very violent. And this despite the fact that many girls, having become pregnant, are beginning to feel ruffled and pastel shades. Ksenia Sobchak seems to have decided to destroy all the existing stereotypes associated with the expectation of a child.

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