The nurse recognized the colleague of the baby, who came out 28 years ago

The boy grew up and came to work in the department for premature babies.

Those who have experienced such a difficult experience - preterm birth, know that it is very difficult. The baby, so tiny and defenseless, is wired and lies in a special box. Will survive ... Fortunately, now the answer is "yes" sounds more and more. After all, doctors have learned to care for children with extremely low weight - literally the size of a cup of coffee. But 30 years ago everything was different and largely depended on the attitude of doctors and nurses to their work.

Wilma Wong worked at Stanford Children's Hospital for 32 years. Dozens of babies passed through her hands that she managed to walk out. But she never thought that she would meet with one of them again. A photo before and after appeared on the official Facebook page of the hospital. In the “before” picture, Wilma, very young, in funny round glasses, holds a tiny baby in her lap.He was born 11 weeks ahead of time, but he turned out to be a real fighter and managed to survive. In the photo "after" - Wilma now. Next to her is a medical colleague in a medical uniform with a badge on his chest. This is the very tiny baby.


The boy's name is Brandon Seminator. Unusual surname, which struck some chords in the memory of Vilma.

“I started to remember. It seems I had a little patient with that name. To make sure, I asked if his father was a policeman, ”Wilma.

The guy looked at the woman in surprise and slowly replied: "Yes, he was." At that moment Brandon realized who was in front of him. Wilma is the woman who was leaving him. Mother told him about her. Upon learning that he was going to work in this hospital, the woman said: “Look for Vilma. Hardly find, she probably already retired. But suddenly".

Suddenly it happened. Both were shocked, realizing that they met so many years later, and even under such circumstances.

“The circle is closed. They took care of me in this hospital, and now I am caring for the children here together with the woman who was leaving me, ”Brandon wonders.

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