The salvation of old sandals

From the outset, it should be noted: this method is suitable for shoes in a state of almost “emission”, as a result, it will not become “as good as new”. However, sometimes there are situations when it is urgently necessary to "reanimate" shoes that are gathering dust in the closet.
 The salvation of old sandals
So, we need glue (I used" Dragon "it quickly hardens and it is universal, but any glue for shoes is suitable), as well as a little thin “better lining) fabric of a suitable color. First you need to clean your sandals, paying special attention to those zones where you plan to make patches. In our case, it was necessary to glue the heel, for this, the stripped strip must be smeared with glue, firmly pressed. To get rid of the air and excess glue to hold several times with your finger, then fix the strip, tightly tied with a heel thread. Leave until glue dries.
The salvation of old sandals
Now it's the turn for the "patches."Figures that follow the shape of the heel (do not forget about the undercuts) are cut out of the prepared fabric and are applied to the greased surface with glue. Speed ​​is very important, as everything quickly stiffens: you need to have time to smooth the folds, it is true to arrange the "patches". The fabric overhang is removed with a blade.
 The salvation of old sandals
So, sandals now look quite decent and will fit for a single exit, for example, a costume party.

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