The simplest inverter of a motor without transistors

What is needed?

A step-up transformer. Naturally, he used to work as a downward, but we will use it the other way around. Such transformers can be found in receivers, electronic clocks, old tape recorders.

Inverter assembly

In fact, our the circuit consists of only three parts connected in series to each other. This is a transformer connected to the low-resistance winding circuit (high-resistance winding is the output of the inverter). Batteries - batteries or batteries. And the switching element, in the role of which will be used an electric motor, which can be removed from the broken children's toys.
The simplest inverter of the motor
Here is the motor itself. Just because it is not inserted into the circuit - it will not produce switching. We need to refine it. To do this, disassemble the motor.
The simplest inverter from the motor
Remove the back channel, before folding the holders. The simplest inverter from the motor
We need to refine the anchor. It consists in disconnecting one winding from the contacts. To do this, we interrupt the wires of any one winding.
The simplest inverter from a motor
Putting together a motor.
The simplest inverter from a motor
After this modification, the motor will not be able to fully spin, since one winding will be turned off. But if you start it with your hand, then the motor has enough power to maintain rotation. And the absence of one winding will periodically break the power supply between the batteries and the transformer, where the motor is connected in series. We plug into the chain. The simplest inverter from a motor
The simplest inverter from the motor
Connect the multimeter to the output of the transformer. Then turn on the power.It happens that the motor itself starts, but usually not. Then start the shaft with your hand, twisting it gently.

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