The test will tell which of the geniuses of the last century is most similar to you.

Can you imagine a world without art, music, theater or literature? Unrealistic, right?question-2004314_640

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Fortunately, there are many legendary creators who have influenced popular culture and forever changed how people interact, dress, communicate and see the world.

Surely you can name countless famous artists or scholars. After all, imagination is inherent in people in any field of activity. And in a world where everyone can share their voice and vision, the opportunities for creative people are even greater.
Which of the geniuses of the last century inspires you the most? Where do you find your creative spark? What motivates you to express yourself and how? The twenty-first century is inspired by the creators of the past and has so far relied on the technological achievements of the twentieth. So, rather start the test to find out which creative genius of the past is most like you.

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