The whole fashion season for 5 minutes: 8 dresses that you should buy this spring

In the modern world, fashion trends are changing with such amazing speed that sometimes you just do not have time to follow them. Practically every season, trendsetters present interesting and stylish novelties and dictate the rules on how to properly wear certain things. If you follow these changes and want to keep abreast of all fashion trends, then our article will help you with this. We offer you 8 dresses that must be in the wardrobe of every woman of fashion this spring. They are very original, stylish and comfortable. Wearing any of these outfits, you definitely will not go unnoticed and cause admiration from others.


In the past Fashion Week, all street-style actors, as if by agreement, did not throw coats and jackets over their shoulders, but dropped to their elbows.A new style of wearing outerwear is a reflection of the main trend of the season: this spring and summer we will bare the shoulders and give up the straps.


Diana von Fürstenberg’s favorite silhouette has become one of the most relevant - the idea of ​​creating a dressing gown on a belt without buttons came to mind to most designers this season.


All translucent weightless textures are welcome today. We are not afraid to be naked, we combine transparent dresses with coarse shoes, sports shoes and unusual accessories.


This trend is already several years old, but it is gaining momentum. Sport chic (denim shirts with sneakers) or classic (elongated shirts with pumps or sandals) - any variations on the theme of this season are good.

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