Thief Mice

Ordinary people throw out cork corks from under the bottles of wine or champagne, and needlewomen with imagination use this pliable material to create original handicrafts. What only creative girls don't think up, but the top of originality is animal figures. Today you will learn how to make a magnet on the fridge in the form of mice that sneak inside the kitchen equipment up the stairs in the hope of stealing something tasty. such components:
  • cork (3 pieces);
  • wire;
  • awl;
  • knitting thread for gray and brown shade;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue and a tube of superglue;
  • toothpicks (8 pieces);
  • black beads (3 pieces);
  • magnets.
First, pick up the three traffic jams: in two there must be bends, and one needs a straight line.
 Fridge Magnet Mice-Thieves
At one bent cork and at the straight line, cut off the tops so that a neat cone is formed on the edge.The third crust cut in half, for further work you will need only one part.
 Magnet on the refrigerator Mouse-thieves
Wire cut into lengths of 5-6 cm (7 pieces) and 6-7 cm (2 pieces).
 Magnet on the refrigerator Mouse-thieves
 Magnet on the refrigerator Mouse-thieves
Proceed to making the first mouse. Connect the big plug with the small one using wire. To insert the wire into the crusts, you need to make a hole with an awl and then it will come in without much difficulty. It turns out the torso with the head.  Magnet on the refrigerator Mouse-thieves
Make the mouse 4 paws and a long tail.
 Magnet on the refrigerator Mouse-thieves
Now proceed to decorating the blanks with threads. To do this, coat the crusts with PVA glue and fasten the gray knitting thread onto it, moving in a spiral.
 Magnet on the refrigerator Mice-thieves
Fridge magnet on the mouse- thieves
There is a rather long staircase.
 Fridge Magnet
Place a magnet on the fridge. His idea is this: the thief mice have made a hole in the appliance and climb up the groceries along the ladder.
 Magnet on the refrigerator Mice-thieves

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