Third year crisis (prevention)

What to do?

First of all, we must try to prevent the roar and hysteria, to carry out prevention. If it came to screaming and yelling, then you should follow certain rules.

Prevention. You can and can not

Constant bans are annoying and do not lead to anything good. It is necessary to highlight what is strictly forbidden (to run out on the road, eat a lot of chocolate, beat the cat) and be sure to explain why. Everything else is allowed according to circumstances, constantly (and imperceptibly) watching the child, without restricting his independence, but trying (again imperceptibly) to direct him and help.

I myself

The child wants to do a lot himself - be patient, allow (with the exception of the strict prohibitions mentioned above), teach and be sure to praise.

A game

It is necessary to invent small game situations, competitions. Whoever gets dressed faster - a child or “Kolobok in another city” (to pretend that the process of the process is constantly reported on the phone - here Kolobok has already put on a sweater, has already pulled out a scarf).


Replace an item that is not desirable to touch (if it is not included in strict prohibitions) with some analogue (toy copy) and beat the replacement.

Preliminary preparation

If guests come to the house soon, or the child goes somewhere, where many children will gather, start talking about it in a few days. Explain the rules of conduct, tell how and where this event will take place, who will be there. If the event is outside the home, then come early, half an hour before the start, to give the child the opportunity to get used to and switch to a new environment and new people.


If the child does not want to do something (unless it is really dangerous or very unpleasant for him), you should create an interest, tell how interesting and wonderful it will be - with vivid details.

The implementation of these methods of prevention in many cases helps to prevent and avoid children's hysteria during the crisis of the third year.

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