This is war! 14 stars that haters spoil life

Glory and popularity are the reverse side of the coin. Many stellar beauties are not only lucky with an army of fans, but also haters.

Hayters - from the English word hate (that is, to hate) - their actions perfectly characterize the meaning of the word. They do not hesitate to overthrow every new photo of the star “victim” with caustic comments, criticize appearance, style of dress, creativity and behavior. And by the way, do not think that celebrities do not pay attention to such an attack. They are the same people and are also vulnerable, touchy and react painfully to criticism. Some even enter into a quarrel and post reciprocal posts addressed to hater.

So what do stars usually get from haters?


Star: Maria Kozhevnikova

Sep 11 2017 at 9:50 PDT

Hayters were criticized by the video of the actress, in which she appeared in an open sarafan, which exposed the neckline. A completely beautiful and not vulgar photo caused a stir among ill-wishers who suspected Maria of using plastic surgery.Of course, the haters dispersed in the comments - do not hesitate, expressed opinions on which parts of the body had undergone changes.

Maria Kozhevnikova did not remain silent and answered quite harshly to her offenders:

“I will bring clarity! I am for naturalness! Lips to be like puffy dumplings, silicone breasts so as not to move even when running, not to mention the changes during pregnancy and after. By the way, here the numbers are sad, more than one million women perform an operation on this part of the body annually, Botox, so that no wrinkles will certainly appear. I do not blame, the cause of each, just do not impose their "cockroaches", do not let them out of their "flat". Want - fight with them, want - produce, and regardless of your choice, I wish good luck! "

Star: Isa Anokhin

Sep 30 2015 at 1:40 PDT

A blogger, a designer and just a beauty has been fighting with an army of haters for years. And they seem to be waiting for each post on Instagram, in order to hurt and offend as painfully as possible. Isa was seriously offended when haters criticized her photo without makeup. Hama compared pretty girl with an Asian man! The celebrity was very upset and shared her emotions in her microblog:

“You know, I have never tried to prove to anyone that I am strong! And in general, I don’t want to be the very-most. But I have an inborn feeling of insecurity. Let it be complexes, it does not matter! But yes, I do not admire myself and therefore I am very sensitive to criticism. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. I do not know where it went, from childhood or because of injuries that I received in 32 years of life ... Imagine, take your picture and at least a hundred people laugh at every shortcoming, how will you be? If all the same, then you are a Hero! Maybe I'm not perfect, but I'm not perfect, but your soul is not good. Very unkind. Sometime in this world, complete solidarity will come. But no, it will not come ... "

Star: Ksenia Sobchak

Aug 26 2017 PDT at 8:15

Ksenia is one of the few star girls who criticize with humor. She skillfully responds to the haters in her own manner. Sobchak can, without fear, post a photo without makeup, apparently already being confident of the negative reaction of ill-wishers. So, to the comments about the appearance of the TV presenter laid out a funny selfie, made with the help of a graphic editor, and signed it:

“This photo I dedicate to all those evil people who dare to believe that we, the stars of Instagram, use the fairy and photoshop! Officially declare - this is a blatant lie! I'm just fabulously beautiful from birth! This photo was taken in bed in the morning, immediately after waking up! ”

Xenia doesn’t pay any attention to the comments about the extra kilos gained after pregnancy and childbirth. She enjoys the family life and upbringing of the son of Plato.

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